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A martial arts champion who won gold at the European Championships has revealed his lifelong fight with epilepsy - and how he suffers up to 250 seizures per DAY

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Bailey from Essex, began enduring crippling fits soon after he fell and banged his head on a pavement outside his parent's home when he was just two years old. He was diagnosed with "uncontrollable epilepsy," told he'd have to wear a crash helmet every day and that he'd lose the use of the right side of his body. But James, 27, refused to be defined by his condition and, after leaving school, took up martial arts and boxing - despite being told another blow to the head could be disastrous. James competed for Britain in Kuk Sool Won, a mix of Korean fighting styles used by Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. He was widely considered to be among the best practitioners in the UK, and scooped gold, silver and bronze medals in three disciplines at the 2014 championships. Now James has spoken for the first time about how a severe form of epilepsy caused by brain injury caused him to fit at least once every five minutes.

A Washington man unearthed a 2.20-carat diamond while mining for materials to create an engagement ring

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christian Liden, 26, has spent years panning, mining and searching across America for raw materials to make his own engagement ring.  In early May, he traveled to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, expecting to find a few small stones for the ring and instead winding up with the largest diamond the park’s seen this year.  “I saw it shining as soon as I turned the screen over and immediately knew it was a diamond,” said the Poulsbo man who works in land development and excavating.

These funny images capture paddleboarder in a dinosaur outfit while out in the sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** These funny pictures show a paddleboarder surfing the waves - dressed as a dinosaur. John Hiscock was spotted in his prehistoric outfit while out in the sea at Woolacombe in Devon - to the amusement of locals. Gordon Dryburgh, who snapped the dinosaur, said: "It all worked out quite well and he didn’t drown."

A bride-to-be was left "traumatised" after all her hair fell out in just six WEEKS due to alopecia - but is now determined to be a role model for others with the condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sophie Hitchen, 24, was shocked to find "handfuls" of hair falling away from her head just a couple of months ago, early in April. And by the middle of May, she had lost about 90 per cent of her hair, and was left with wispy strands - which she decided to shave off in a bid to "take back control". Sophie, from Felixstowe, Suffolk, is now also losing her bodily hair, including her eyebrows - and described the initial experience as "traumatising". But the determined young woman, who is due to get married in October next year, said she now hopes to be a role model for other young people facing the same struggles she did.

A young lad got burned while on the beach after walking on sand which had been scorched by a BBQ

***EXCLUSIVE*** Will Tyler, 10, screamed in agony after he stepped on the burning sand and was left with severe scars in both feet and was wheelchair-bound in June last year.  He was running about and playing when he stepped on the burning spot where they had left a disposable barbecue and let out the ‘worst sound’ his dad Toby had ever heard.  The schoolboy had been on a day out with parents Toby, 51, Claire, 44, and sister Lily, 12, in a remote sand dune in Formby Beach, Merseyside, when the events unfolded.

Tit nest in the gun of the Spitfire

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of a family of Blue Tits feed young in their nest which is in the gun of the Spitfire at Eden Camp Museum near Malton, North Yorkshire Pics.  A pair of adult blue tits and their young are pictured nesting in the gun barrel of a Second World War spitfire at Eden Camp military museum. The adult birds are annual visitors to the decommissioned aircraft's 20mm cannon.