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This brave girl has had over THIRTY surgeries since being born with a rare condition that has limited her movements and caused her face to droop - but she isn't letting it stand in her way and has even learnt to play the piano at just six years old

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, UNITED STATES: Social media influencer Grace Novacheck (14) from Texas, USA, was born with a rare condition known as Escobar?s Syndrome - a genetic condition which affects a person?s joints, causing them to lack a range of motion due to them becoming overwhelmingly tight. Both Grace?s parents, Sunny (48) and Marcus Novacheck (47) are likely passive carriers of the gene, but Grace is the only one affected in her family. After Grace was born in August 2006, she was placed into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for nearly three weeks, due to doctors being concerned about her viability. However, she wasn?t diagnosed with the condition until the day she was discharged, when they visited an orthopaedic surgeon. Due to her condition, Grace?s physical development has been stunted and she didn?t hit her milestones until very late on. She didn?t begin crawling until she was almost one-year-old and only started walking at three-years-old. Grace is also petite in height at just four-foot-six-inches - but she has learned how to adapt and become more resilient each day. At six-months-old, Grace had her first surgery which was a mandibular distraction - a method used to increase the length of the jaw bone - as she was born with a very small jaw. As she was so young, it was an in-depth surgery which included cutting her jawline and inserting a lengthening device. Since then, she has had 32 further surgeries which have included two sets of fixators being placed on each leg to help straighten them, a cleft palate repair at 18-months-old and most recently, a spine fusion to help treat scoliosis - curvature of the spine.

Married couple who sold their house and moved into a VAN just months after tying the knot reveal how life on the road has eradicated their stress and anxiety- and made their relationship stronger than ever

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA: This couple sold their home and saved FORTY-TWO-THOUSAND-POUNDS so that they could quit their jobs and live full time in a van. Ben Landheer (29) from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, first met his wife Malory (25) at the church they both attended in March 2015. The pair both worked in ministry where Ben was a guest experience director and Malory was a missionary. In their spare time, Ben and Malory loved nothing more than hiking, travelling and spending time with family. Ben and Malory were both interested in pursuing a lifestyle where they could live at a slower pace, have the ability to explore more of their home country and visit their friends and family who were dotted around the United States ? and it was through this desire that they discovered van life. In February 2020, Ben and Malory decided to sell their house and saved £42,329 ($60,000) so that they could live the van life for a year. The couple knew the CEO of an insurance adjusting company who agreed to pay them monthly in exchange for them having the logo of his company on the van. Malory also does some remote work from her previous job whilst on the road. They bought a 2017 Ford Transit T 350 HD van for £17,990 ($25,500) and set about transforming it into their home on the road. Ben and Malory spent £9,524 ($13,500) and four and a half months on their van build, fitting windows, doing the plumbing and electrics, and fitting all cabinets themselves ? using YouTube videos and their own high school woodwork classes as the base of their knowledge. The couple never wanted to feel claustrophobic in their van and so prioritised storage to maximise the space available to them. Ben and Malory have been on the road since March 23, 2021, starting off in North Carolina, travelling down the West Coast and are currently located in San Diego, California.

These pictures show a woman who makes realistic baby dolls for up to £5,000 each - with customers including mothers who have lost a child

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unbelievably life-like dolls are sculpted from clay and then poured into silicone before details are added using silicone paint.   Each one is handmade to client specifications and can be fully customized right down to hair colour and skin tone.  Ellie Habibi builds each doll from scratch; the 20-year-old professional doll maker from West Yorkshire has amassed thousands of followers on social media with her lifelike creations.

Woman in 'rocky marriage' invites another man to move in - now kids have 2 dads

***EXCLUSIVE*** PORTLAND, OREGON, USA: In a bid to spice up her 'rocky' marriage this woman invited her and her husband's friend to join their relationship - and admits the children love having an EXTRA DAD. Homemaker Meghan Davis (34) and vending delivery driver Brent Davis (34) from Portland in Oregon, USA, started dating in 2011 and later married in 2016, having two children together named Braeden (11) and Cedar (7). Meghan had first discussed the idea of polyamory in 2019. She had always been an advocate of the philosophy that ?it takes a village to raise a child?, however admits that the idea of polyamory was a ?lightbulb? moment that just stemmed from her wanting to try something new. By early 2020, however, the couple?s relationship was on rocky ground. Despite being happy together, they couldn?t help but feel that something was missing from their relationship - as if the ?twinkle was missing?. They decided they both needed space from one another. With the couple unsure of how to best protect their family during the pandemic, with both Meghan and Brent working with the public, it proved the perfect opportunity for the couple to take a break. In March 2020, Brent moved out of the family home and into an AirBnB. In May 2020, two months later, Meghan and Brent sat down together, aired their grievances and renewed their love for one another. Now that their marriage was back on track, the couple finally decided to pursue their interest in polyamory. With Meghan realising that she had romantic feelings for the couple?s friend, software validation engineer Beau Woodbyrne (32), Meghan proceeded to ask him if he wanted to date her. Initially, Beau laughed the idea off but after discussing it further, the trio decided to give polyamory a try. The couple formed a ?V? relationship in which Brent and Beau are not romantically involved with each other but are connected through their love for Meghan.

Opening of the Pestana CR7 hotel on the Gran Via in Madrid

Madrid, Spain: Pestana CR7 hotel, on the day of its opening, at Gran Via, 29, on June 7, 2021, in Madrid (Spain). The hotel is the first establishment of the partnership between the football player Cristiano Ronaldo and the firm Pestana Hotel Group and will receive its first customers from this Monday. The property, which has 168 rooms, has involved an investment of 13 million euros. During your stay, you'll be able to enjoy the rooftop infinity pool, along with the sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi. Work out at the outdoor gym, use the free Wi-Fi and enjoy your meals at the restaurant. Take in one of the best sunsets on the island from the rooftop bar. All rooms feature contemporary design with plenty of natural light, soundproofing and free Wi-Fi.

Adorable orangutan is transformed after being rescued from a chicken cage

***EXCLUSIVE*** This endangered orangutan has made an incredible recovery after being rescued from a chicken coop as a baby. Orphan Budi was discovered when he was less than a year old, lying on the floor in a tiny chicken cage, and his emaciated condition brought his rescuers to tears. The Bornean orangutan had been imprisoned in a cage for at least ten months and was severely malnourished as he had never eaten any solid food.

Beachcomber finds extremely rare Victorian china doll wedged between the rocks on a beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has found a rare Victorian china doll wedged between the rocks at the beach.  Amateur beachcomber Nikki Halkerston was scouring her local beach in Scotland for treasures when she spotted something white between two rocks. Washed up from the sea was a 'Frozen Charlotte' - a tiny figurine of a girl who, in a 19th century poem, froze to death after not wrapping up warm enough for a sleigh ride. Nikki said: "I was just looking for a certain type of shell and it caught my eye and I just thought 'oh wow'!

Even after being admitted to the hospital TWICE with suspected SEPSIS because of her oozing skin, doctors refused to accept this was a result of overuse of the steroid creams they had prescribed

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUBLIN, IRELAND: Laboratory analyst Alex Lloyd (28) from Dublin, Ireland, has suffered with the skin condition eczema ever since she was born. Alex?s eczema appeared in small patches on her arms and legs and it was easily managed by bathing and moisturising everyday. It wasn?t until Alex?s family moved house when she was seven and she came into contact with allergens like pets, carpets, and chemical detergents that her eczema started to worsen. A trip to the GP, when Alex was eight years old, resulted in her being prescribed steroid creams for the first time with no investigation as to why Alex?s eczema was flaring. Alex?s mum applied the creams in a thin layer as per the guidance and at first, they appeared to clear her eczema before it came back worse than ever. Alex experienced red hot skin as soon as she stopped the steroid creams and each time she went back to her GP, she was prescribed a stronger potency steroid. At 10 years old, Alex started to experience unusual symptoms of burning, itching and oozing skin, which would often leave her bedbound and her pyjamas stuck to her weepy skin each morning. Suffering with these symptoms at such a young age was distressing for Alex and when she went back to the doctors, she was prescribed an immunosuppressant called protopic which she used on and off for the next decade. During this time, Alex enjoyed her skin being 90 per cent clear of eczema but this all changed when unbeknownst to her, she was prescribed a cream containing steroids to treat a bout of impetigo in her mid-twenties. Alex?s skin started to swell and she developed a rash on her skin which spread to her face and neck ? somewhere she had never experienced eczema before.

A coffee cup naval hero Nelson drank from 219 years ago set to fetch hundreds of pounds at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emblazoned with Nelon’s name, the circa 1802 cup, or mug, is thought to have belonged to the legendary admiral, according to Hansons Auctioneers.  The cup is due to be sold at the firm’s Curated Ceramics Auction at Bishton Hall, Staffs, on June 9 with an estimate of £200-£300. Dr Richard Halliday, Hansons’ Head of Ceramics, said: “This important early 19th century Continental coffee can (correct) is from Nelson’s Baltic service and dates back to circa 1802. Decorated with an oak leaf border and gilding, the front displays an anchor with 'Nelson' above, and ‘2nd April, Baltic’ beneath. The sides read: ‘14th February and Glorious 1st’.” The origin of the Baltic service is not fully known but it’s thought the coffee mug was owned by Nelson. It’s believed the service was made in Paris and Coalport, Shropshire, but decorated in London and presented to Nelson by the Ladies of the City of London in 1802.

New book celebrates lockdown trend of creating knitted and crocheted scenes - to decorate tops of post boxes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new book is celebrating the "quintessentially British" lockdown trend of creating knitted and crocheted scenes - to decorate the tops of LETTERBOXES. The 'yarnbombing' trend really took off during the Covid era, with knitted displays appearing on tops of letterboxes up and down the country. The colourful decorations have ranged from knitted seaside scenes, to Rememberance Day tributes, and have even included more topical subjects, such as knitted versions of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Rubbish pet portraits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hilarious images of one artist?s self-confessed ?rubbish? pet portrait sketches have been released in a new book. One side-splittingly funny sketch depicted a corgi whose body had been drawn to be overly elongated. In contrast, a tiny drawing of an adorable fluffy kitten provided an equal level of hilarity. Another image showed a boxer dog lounging on the sofa wearing a pair of comedy y-fronts, whilst an interpretation of a hamster showed it boasting an amusing cheesy grin. The incredible ?rubbish? sketches are the work of artist Hercule Van Wolfwinkle and feature in his new book alongside a photograph of the real-life pet that has been drawn, Rubbish Pet Portraits. It is published by Harper Collins Publishers.

Mozambique - The 700,000 displaced people of Cabo Delgado

Mozambique: The region of Cabo Delgado, in the northeast of Mozambique, has been experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian drama for the past 4 years. Al-Shabab jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State since 2019 are wreaking havoc there. This armed group terrorizes the different ethnic groups while carrying out coordinated and simultaneous attacks against public institutions. To date, more than 2,800 people have been killed. In Pemba, the capital of the region and a former tourist town, the humanitarian situation has continued to deteriorate. The town's population has doubled. The displaced are piling up on the beaches or waiting in buildings requisitioned by the state before being rehoused. Camps are multiplying throughout the region. The inhabitants are totally dependent on humanitarian aid. The conditions are precarious, between insecurity, extreme poverty and the beginning of famine.