Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Obsessed Princess Diana fan

***EXCLUSIVE*** An American Tik-Toker has become so obsessed with Princess Diana after watching The Crown that he has spent thousands of dollars recreating her entire wardrobe - despite not knowing much about her a year ago. Kaden Luna, 20, has been a Diana-devotee for just over a year and is on a mission to snatch up as many of her most iconic outfits as he can get his hands on - splurging around $1,500 on the pursuit. Footage of him donning the Princess of Wales' most iconic outfits - one of which cost him 300 DOLLARS - went viral on TikTok after being uploaded on July 21 as he mimicks her 80s outfits perfectly.

Anniversary celebration with computer programme

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'romantic' software engineer built a computer programme for his 'indecisive' girlfriend to help her choose where to eat for their one-year anniversary. Christine Sun, 21, admits she spends so long deciding where to eat that she and partner Aagam Badecha will often spend an hour browsing venues online before even placing an order. So when the loved-up foodies set a $20 gift limit on their anniversary present, software engineer Aagam decided to 'get creative' to ensure he had the perfect present for his law student girlfriend. DISCLAIMER: While Kennedy News and Media uses its best endeavours to establish the copyright and authenticity of all pictures supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of images supplied and the publication of images is solely at your discretion.

Man suffered burns on his chin after oil from a cooking pan splashed on his face, leaving him with a 'gravy chin' mark

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fry-up lover could have been left with a permanent 'GRAVY CHIN' after fat from the pan splashed across his face - as he fears the second degree burns could scar his face. Josh Thomond was cooking breakfast on Saturday 22 May, as he does every Saturday and Sunday morning, when he accidentally dropped a sausage into a 'puddle' of oil in the pan. The 25-year-old's girlfriend Sarah Quinn, 33, and her daughter Rosie Gordon, six, were in the next room and heard him shout out in pain as the oil splashed up and scalded his face.

Stomach cooked by hot water bottle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum claims her endometriosis got so bad that it felt like she was constantly in LABOUR - with the only relief coming from clutching a burning hot water bottle that left her with a 'cooked' stomach. Michaela Abenson said her life was 'disrupted' since the age of 12 as 'very heavy and painful' periods left her bedridden and often passing out, forcing her to leave school at the age of 15. The 28-year-old claims her symptoms were dismissed as 'just what women go through' but was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis aged 18 - an illness which has 'taken over' her life.

Creating art through recycling inorganic waste products in Nairobi's Kibera Slums

Nairobi, Kenya: 18-year-old Saviour Omondi takes a posture by his neighborhood in Kibera holding pieces of art that he makes using recycled beer cans and pieces of iron sheets. Saviour Omondi, an 18-year-old artist born and raised in Kibera, Nairobi Kenya. From a family of five, he began his love for art back in 2009 by copying and learning most skills from his dad who was doing art but not to a professional level. Omondi’s main focus was to portray his home through his artwork and dreamt of making the best out of his art in the future after his studies. Despite his dad being a drunkard and all the late-night fights he brought home, Saviour recycled most of his dad's beer cans and made creative images out of them to his perfection level. Saviour makes the environment clean by recycling disposed metals and plastic cans creating art from his day-to-day collection around the street dumpsites, local bars, and even during his random street walks. Amidst the pandemic and during school holidays, savior spends most of his time doing solo exhibitions of his artwork around the streets in Kibera to create awareness to most locals on the effects of pollution and dispersal of harmful inorganic waste products to the environment and its side effects to climate change including the aquatic life’.