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Boy who raised more than £500K by living in a tent is preparing to spend his 500th night camping outside

***EXCLUSIVE*** A boy who has raised more than £500K by living in a tent is preparing to spend his 500th consecutive night camping outside. Max Woosey, 11, began camping in his garden in March last year in memory his friend and neighbour, Rick Abbot, who sadly died in February 2019. Rick, who was 74, had given Max a tent and told him to have an adventure with it, so he decided to camp out in the garden of his family home in Braunton, Devon. Max has now raised a whopping £540,000 - smashing his initial target of just £100 for the North Devon Hospice. And he is now preparing for his landmark 500th night tonight (Tues) camping outside. To mark the milestone, Max said he will be wild camping in a shelter he has built in the woods with his parents and best friend.

Artist recreates everyday objects with lifelike felt sculptures

Polish artist Alicja Kozlowska creates unusual art about everyday objects - by creating near-perfect embroidered sculptures of them using felt and sewing skills. Inspired by conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp and Pop Art pioneer Andy Warhol, she uses a needle „like a brush”, felt, and materials from labels, newspapers, and packaging to create sculptures that look exactly like the real-life products. These include a banana skin that would fool any pedestrian, realistic soft drink cans and bottles, crisp packets, chocolate bars and sweets, a pourable bottle of Heinz ketchup and a Kellogg’s box, as well as Doc Martens and Crocs shoes. In a nod to Warhol, she’s even created her own embroidered felt version of a Campbell’s Soup can. Explaining what drives her, she says: „I'm inspired by daily life, everyday objects, mass culture, things to which we do not pay special attention, which are an indispensable part of our everyday life. It all intertwines with Pop Art. It's kind of infected in a positive sense”. Although the objects look like flawlessly simple recreations, Alicja explains that making her sculptures is a painstaking and selective process. „I am looking for mass production products that on the one hand have an interesting shape and recognizable logo and on the other hand can be a tool for articulating ideas” she adds. „Felt pattern is my base. This is probably the most difficult, a bit technical stage. Depending on the intended purpose, I use different fillings and fixing techniques. When the skeleton of the construction is ready, my favorite, most creative stage, thread painting begins. I embroider by hand and use a sewing machine with open toe embroidery foot with lots of interesting stitches”.

Thirteen sets of twins start school in Inverclyde area

Schools in an area of Scotland are preparing once again to welcome an unusually large number of twins to primary one classes next week. Inverclyde has 15 sets of siblings beginning school next Wednesday – the second highest twin count on record. A week before they begin causing their teachers double trouble, 13 of the pairs met up at St Mary’s Primary School in Greenock to show off their new uniforms in front of the press and proud parents. Joe Mcallister, whose twins will head to Gourock Primary for the first time on August 18, told the PA news agency he is excited for the children to start as it will “be really good for them”.

A teen with a rare condition watched as his skin changed colour to nearly completely white - and even been accused of "cultural appropriation"

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teen with a rare condition watched as his skin changed colour to nearly completely white - and even been accused of "cultural appropriation". Aviral Chauhan, 19, was born in India before moving to America and had no idea he had vitiligo until he spotted a white patch on his eye lid, aged 11. It soon spread to elbows and knees, and then turned almost all of the skin on his face and body white by the time he was aged 13.Now he is unrecognisable from childhood photos, and has even been accused of "cultural appropriation" when celebrating Hindu holidays with his family.

This woman became ALLERGIC TO HER OWN SKIN while pregnant and still suffers outbreaks 10 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman became ALLERGIC TO HER OWN SKIN while pregnant and still suffers outbreaks over 10 years later. Ashton Brown, 33, suffers from pemphigoid gestationis, a rare pregnancy-related autoimmune skin disorder that leaves itchy blisters over the body."In the beginning of my third trimester, I would be going to sleep and would itch really badly,” said the law firm case manager from Morganfield, Kentucky.  “I would constantly be itching on my palms and feet and couldn't fall asleep because of it. I felt like my skin was crawling.”

Tearful moment grandad meets unassuming hero who kept him alive for 10 MINUTES after he was struck by a freak heart attack in the middle of the street

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a tearful grandad met his guardian angel who kept him alive for 10 minutes after he was struck down by a freak heart attack. Pete Morris, 73, had turned grey and was frothing at the mouth when unassuming hero Andy Jenkins, 54, found him collapsed in the street in November last year.  Hairdresser Andy quickly rushed to save Pete's life by giving him CPR for ten minutes to keep oxygen flowing around his body until paramedics arrived.  After Pete was rushed to hospital, Andy didn't hear any news for six weeks and assumed he had died - before he saw a shock Facebook appeal to identify Pete's saviour.

A woman found out she was five months pregnant after she took a test as a JOKE - when a sandwich made her feel bloated

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum didn't know she was pregnant until she was five months along - after she took a test when a sandwich gave her bloat. Jasmin Miller, 24, gave birth to her first child Leighton just three months after discovering she was pregnant, because she was only a size 8. The social media manager said: "The reason I tested was the week prior, I was going to a concert, ate a sandwich and then blew up with bloat. "I broke down immediately on seeing the tests and started bawling my eyes out.

World’s first robot kitchen that can cook 5,000 recipes from scratch can now prepare two meals at once

***EXCLUSIVE*** Using sensors and optical cameras to guide the mechanical hands, the fully-automated AI kitchen can now cook two dishes simultaneously - making robot-cooked dinner parties a thing of the future. It can rustle-up two signature dishes picked out by the designers - rib-eye steak, served medium rare alongside a sweet potato, coconut and chilli soup. The automaton was designed to mimic the movements of human hands and it is even modelled after 2011 MasterChef winner Tim Anderson.

Paper bags art

***EXCLUSIVE*** A designer who taught herself how to paint in lockdown by watching Youtube tutorials has created a collection of portraits of famous faces on PAPER BAGS. Debbie Wingham painted portraits of Princess Diana, Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio onto the bags because she had no access to canvas during her quarantine in Marbella, Spain.  She spent hours learning how to paint with oils during the pandemic and credited her new hobby with helping her mental health during the shutdown.  Debbie, who is British but now lives in Spain, said: “I don’t think I’ve painted a picture since I was 12 years old.

A spacesuit based on a knight's chain mail could get the first astronauts to Mars

***EXCLUSIVE*** It's made from super-strong fabric that changes shape easily - just like the medieval armour.  The 3D printed material may also cover the spacecraft - shielding it from meteorites and other perils.  It offers extra protection for sports men and women too - and even today's soldiers.  The hi-tech garment also opens the door to a smart exoskeleton that enables paralysed people to walk again.

Tattoo artist creates amazing realistic glowing UV designs

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Melbourne, Australia-based tattoo artist Jonny Hall is the first in the world to specialise in realism Ultraviolet (UV) tattoos, otherwise known as „UVealism”. Jonny merges his photorealistic black and grey tattoos with UV ink, a practice he believes is, knowledging the true culture and history of the craft, while merging old and new. The process is similar to a normal realism tattoo, a technique that results in artwork that looks like a photograph or a real life 3D object. However, the UV he adds creates something never seen before in realism work - the tattoos truly come to life under a black light. For the UV tattoos he either uses invisible ink, which will heal with no trace of pigment, but will react with an incredibly bright glow under a black light. There are also coloured UV inks available including yellow, red, blue, and green, which will heal with visible pigment as would a normal colour tattoo. His suppliers state that all the ingredients are non-toxic and non-hazardous. Jonny, who has also been based in his native U.K., uses an invisible ink, which will heal with no trace of pigment but will react with an incredibly bright glow under a black light.

Miss England recycled outfits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Miss England contestants have taken to the catwalk for an eco-fashion contest wearing bizarre recycled outfits - made from face masks, bin bags and even chocolate wrappers. More than 40 beauty queens ditched their glitzy ball gowns for dresses made from sustainable materials as part of a qualifying round for this year's final. The women designed and created their own recycled outfits which included dresses constructed from carrier bags, bin liners, face masks and old football shirts. Miss Birmingham Bella Hakim, 20, sported an outfit made from egg boxes while Miss Liverpool Poppy Gerrard, 18, made hers from empty Quality Street chocolate boxes left over from the festive period.

Disabled chick and a hulking bulldog becoming best pals

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable photos show a disabled chick and a hulking bulldog snuggling up together after becoming "best pals".  Little Cross Beak was born with a genetic deformity that means his top and bottom beaks are growing in opposite directions.  As a result, he lives indoors with his owners, their five little children - and ten-year-old pooch Bullseye.  Over the past month, the aptly-named Cross Beak and Bullseye have struck up the most unlikely and affectionate friendship.

Working Apple-1 computer heads to auction

A fully functioning Apple-1 computer is expected to sell for more than $450,000 (£323,000) when it goes on sale at Boston-based RR Auction from 12 August. This Apple-1 was one of the first to be publicly auctioned, as it was originally sold to personal computing pioneer Roger Wagner in April 2002 at the Vintage Computer Festival in California. Wagner authored the first book on assembly-language programming for the Apple II and is a longtime friend of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The Apple-1 was originally conceived by Steve Jobs and Steve 'Woz' Wozniak as a bare circuit board to be sold as a kit and completed by electronics hobbyists. However, after The Byte Shop in Mountain View, California agreed to purchase 50 Apple-1 computers if they were fully assembled, The Apple-1 became one of the first ready-made 'personal' computers. Altogether, over a span of about ten months, Jobs and Wozniak produced about 200 Apple-1 computers and sold 175 of them. The lot includes the original Apple-1 Operating Manual proof pages, individually signed by Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne and embossed with his personal seal. This set consists of the front cover, which features the original Apple Computer Co. logo designed by Wayne. Additionally included are several items from Roger Wagner's association with Wozniak, including several photographs and two signed items.

Charles and Diana's wedding cake slice sells for £1,850

A slice of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding cake has sold for £1,850 at auction. It was given to Moyra Smith, a member of the Queen Mother's household at Clarence House, who preserved the topping with cling film. The slice is from one of the 23 official wedding cakes and features a sugared onlay of the royal coat-of-arms coloured in gold, red, blue and silver. The cake was bought by Gerry Layton in Leeds who bid online. It was expected to raise just £500 but auctioneers said they were "amazed" at the interest. Mr Layton, a luxury boat charterer, said he has put in his will the cake along with his estate is to go to charity after his death.

Heartless rogue trader cons family of amputee boy out of £4,250 in botched garden refurb – but hero locals save the day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heartless rogue trader has been branded the 'lowest of the low' after allegedly conning a double amputee boy out of £4,250 then 'doing a runner' on holiday to Skegness with cash intended to give him a garden for summer. Little William Ashington, 10, from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, struggles to tackle the slopes in their garden due to his prosthetic legs so his parents Philomene and Craig saved up to pay for a new garden so he could play out during the summer. The married couple say they handed £3,900 to the alleged cowboy landscaper for materials, along with a further £350 for some raised flowerbeds so their son could grow vegetables.

Brother throws bottle at sleeping sister

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 'evil twin' tot was caught on camera waking up in the middle of the night to chuck his milk bottle at his sister's head as she slept soundly in the next cot - before innocently going back to sleep before he could get caught. The footage shows 18-month-old Jack Boehme suddenly get up in the middle of the night, waddle across his crib and launch his bottle at the head of twin Ivy, as she sleeps soundly. As Ivy begins to stir and whine in response, Jack swiftly lies down and falls back to sleep - giving the appearance he'd been snoozing the whole time.

Woman left 'looking like an alien' after scary allergic reaction to hair dye

***EXCLUSIVE*** A receptionist is urging hairdressers to do patch tests after an allergic reaction to hair dye swelled her face to THREE TIMES its normal size and left her looking like a SPACE RAIDER crisp. Shaylene Gartly felt 'beautiful' after having her hair professionally dyed last month [JULY 14] but just hours later her scalp became extremely itchy and the next morning her head had swollen. 'Crazy' photos show the 23-year-old's head getting progressively 'rounder' until she looked like the aliens on the front of the iconic crisps - as friends were left in 'disbelief' that she wasn't using a Snapchat filter.

Titanic tragedy house

***EXCLUSIVE*** PHILADELPHIA, USA: In one image, an empty great hall and its grand staircase were covered in dust yet still in beautiful condition. In another image, what had once been a glorious indoor pool was empty and trashed with debris. The mesmerising photographs were taken by urban explorer Abandoned Southeast in Philadelphia, who used a Canon mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens to capture the shots. Plagued by financial glory and ruin, Lynnewood Hall is a stunning example of America’s mansions. During its glory years, the palatial estate was visited by the likes of Spanish royalty, the Crown Prince of Sweden and the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia. Notable features throughout the property included doors and gilding clad in gold, interior design inspired by the Louis XV style and ceiling murals which originated in a 16th-century European chateau. The original owner of the property, Peter Widener, was a close business associate with J.P. Morgan and in 1912 became a 20-percent stakeholder in the company that built the RMS Titanic. As he was in his eighties at the time, he declined the invitation to board the vessel for its maiden voyage, instead sending his son and grandson George and Harry Widener, who had travelled to France to find a French chef for their new hotel and collect Eleanor Widener’s wedding trousseau. Of course, they never returned home from their ill-fated trip.

Wally rules the waves: Gallivanting walrus looks to be skippering a luxury motorboat after clambering aboard

***EXCLUSIVE*** This funny video shows Wally the Walrus appearing to drive a boat he clambered into during his latest escapade. Wally has has been filmed 'steering' a motorboat along the Irish coast as he continues to make a nuisance of himself. The lonely walrus has been on a 4,000km solo trip for months and recently spent more than six weeks off Cornwall. Wally is believed to be from Svalbard, north of Norway, and to have travelled by himself between Wales, England and France.

Going, going, gone! Eye-watering moment woman in night club attempts to slide down bannister only to take a horrific fall

***EXCLUSIVE*** Now that the night clubs are fully open and Covid restrictions relaxed, Britain’s youth can get out and enjoy themselves once more. However for one party-loving Essex girl it all went horribly wrong after she suffered a bad fall whilst trying to slide down a bannister inside a night club. The incident happened last night at Unit 7 in Basildon last night and was captured by Layla Gray (@laylagrayxx). Layla captured the moment her friend Megan Field tried to slide down the bannister inside a night club but lost her balance causing her to go head over heels landing awkwardly on her back. Unfortunately for Megan she’s in a lot of pain this morning and she will be making a trip to A&E today.

Battling tigers duel

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tigers stretch on their hind legs and roar as the couple battle in a fierce lovers' tiff.  The female tiger became injured during mating and lashed out angrily at the male, who slinked away following the attack to allow her to cool down. The photos were taken by amateur wildlife photographer Clint Ralph at the Tiger Canyon Reserve in Philippolis, central South Africa.

Novice buddhists reflected in water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Novice Buddhist monks are reflected in a small pond in front of thousands of historic 'pagoda' towers.  The pagodas are a part of the ancient Kakku temple complex in Myanmar, where novice monks travel to live and study. Amateur photographer Sarah Wouters said: "Over the years I have travelled to Myanmar many times, it is one of my favourite countries in south east Asia.

Moon thief

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUSZNIKI-ZDROJ, POLAND: In one image, a man was stood on top of a hill with his car boot open and appeared to be pushing the moon into the vehicle with both hands. In another, he sat in his car and prepared to drive away with what appeared to be the moon secured in the back. The cleverly taken photographs were taken by magical realism photographer Cris Froese (41) from Duszniki-Zdrój, Poland. Cris used a Nikon D750 camera and an old Tokina 300mm f2.8 lens with a x2 Kenko teleconverter to capture the shots.

Zebra battle

***EXCLUSIVE*** HOEDSPRUIT, SOUTH AFRICA: In one image, both zebras were captured reared up on their hind legs delivering blows to their opponent. In another, one zebra appeared to have the other pinned with its front legs while it tried to bite at its opponents face. The dramatic photographs were taken by the lodge manager at Walkers River Camp, James Walker (32) from Hoedspruit, South Africa. James used a Canon 7d mk2 camera with a Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6 mk2 lens to capture the shots and captured the action from 130-feet away.

Woodpecker sticks its toungue out to catch ants on ornamental meerkat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Catching ants is 'simples' when you have a long tongue....... A woodpecker extends its huge tongue to catch ants while perched on a meerket garden ornament. The hungry bird was spotted by Terry Hancock, 81, in the village of Gorsley in Herefordshire. Terry said, "The Green Woodpecker tongue is quite a marvel - it is approximately 10 centimetres long or a third of the birds body length." "I noticed the woodpecker on the lawn and opened the window quietly so as not to frighten it.  After focusing I managed one shot before it flew off, so imagine my surprise when I realised I had a shot in a million." "This is very rare to see as the action is so quick, and the chance of seeing the tongue extended is very slim."

Osprey flew towards a camera lens

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'dominant male' osprey flew towards a camera lens - carrying the first catch of the day in its mouth. The bird of prey was snapped around 5.30am by amateur wildlife photographer Keith Cochrane, 55. Dad-of-two Keith was on holiday at a hide in Aviemore, Scottish Highlands, when he saw the male bird of prey swoop down and catch the trout. It then flew directly towards him.