Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Lads holiday hangover was cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young bloke who blamed being tired and itchy on a HANGOVER after returning from a booze-soaked lads' holiday was horrified when it turned out he had CANCER. Andrew Frost, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, had enjoyed three weeks with mates in Thailand when he became blighted by a constant itching all over his body and overwhelming sleepiness he put down to partying too hard. After fainting just hours after touching down in the UK, Andrew was compelled to visit his GP who suggested taking antihistamines.

Surfers amazing handstands

***EXCLUSIVE*** A surfer has turned the sport on its head by performing picture perfect HANDSTANDS while boarding on giant waves - leaving people asking how it's even possible. Taylor Joseph - aptly known as the Handstand Surfer - has only been surfing for four years but he has already taken the extreme sport to another level by riding waves upside down. Amazing footage from the 25-year-old's board shows the inventive athlete starting his run on both feet before crouching down and placing his palms down and hoisting his legs into the air.

This year's most brutal and beautiful wildlife images

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: This year's most brutal and beautiful wildlife images have been revealed - including a 1200-pound cannibalistic crocodile and a decapitated penguin. A year filled with lockdowns and pandemic gloom, 2020 has also been a time where people have turned to nature for an escape - and in these pictures it is clear to see why. Cheerful images showed a pair of Scottish dolphins performing a series of acrobatic tricks off the coast of The Black Isle near Inverness, Scotland, and boisterous gannets as they dive bombed after a tasty mackerel snack off of Shetland. Another thrilling shot revealed the heart-stopping moment a pregnant impala leapt majestically through the air to miraculously escape a ravenous cheetah unscathed in Kenya, while another captured a stunning bald eagle as it took off with its catch in Alaska, USA. Some of the spectacular images showed how predators of the animal world will stop at nothing for a meal as a 770-pound leopard seal brutally ripped off the head of a penguin in Antarctica and a large adult crocodile turned to cannibalism as it munched down on one of its own in South Africa. Other highlights included a pair of bullfrogs as they tossed through a ditch in a hilarious topsy-turvy battle in Polokwane, South Africa, an eastern screech owl in incognito mode against a tree trunk in Massachusetts, USA, and a greedy 400-pound lion who decided to nab not one but two impalas for dinner at the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Boy calls out Xbox creep

***EXCLUSIVE*** This 'sassy' schoolboy had the perfect comeback to an online creep who tried to lure him onto an inappropriate site while playing his Xbox - branding them 'probably a 40-year-old man' and advising them to 'step away from the internet'. Dexter Kent had been playing on his Xbox at home in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, when he spotted a message from a stranger, who despite being called 'Lady', aroused his suspicions that it could be someone hiding behind a fake profile. The 10-year-old then showed his parents Melissa and Jason Kent, who advised him to delete the note, but before he blocked the unknown account he put them 'firmly in their place'.

Muslim convert bonds with dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'stereotypically English' beer-swilling dad who fell out with his teenage daughter when she converted to Islam now pokes fun at their unusual relationship on TikTok - to show 'people can change their views at any age'. Leena Brookes, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, became a Muslim when she was just 13 despite having gone to a Church of England primary school and clashed with her parents as a result. Dad Stuart Brookes was adamantly against his daughter's decision and didn't speak to her for several years, fearing she had been brainwashed into the decision after reading about ISIS and grooming gangs in the news.

Mansion with own skatepark inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** This unassuming house comes kitted out with its own indoor SKATE PARK and could be yours for just £240K. St Clements Hall, in Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk, is an end of terrace property with a twist. The three-bedroom property looks like an average house from the outside but inside is a skate bowl and mini skate park. The house comes with a skate bowl, 13ft vert wall, mini skate park with three four-inch quarter pipes. The house also boasts three bedrooms, an open plan living area with kitchen, diner, family room, a shower room, a private courtyard garden and gated parking for several cars. The property was formerly a youth hall which has been renovated by its current owner into a ‘Bowl House’. The property’s unique room featured on the Netflix show Amazing Interiors in 2018. The extraordinary St Clements Hall is on the market with Attik Estate Agents for just £240,000.

Idiot holidaymaker van sinks

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment an 'idiot holidaymaker' booked his car in for a 'free car wash' - after he drove it too close to the coastline and was forced to helplessly watch it SINK into the sea. Hobbyist photographer Tim Curtis, from Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, was heading down the Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, beachfront on Saturday [AUGUST 14] when he spotted a seven-seater Ford stuck in the sand. His snaps from 8am show all four of the black 69-reg's wheels sinking while the helpless driver stands nearby on the phone as the tide draws nearer.

Colourised images of the Imperial Japanese Navy

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAKARTA, INDONESIA: Newly colourised images of the Imperial Japanese Navy have been revealed. In one image, the famous Yamato battleship can be seen firing missiles on the Pacific ocean during a WWII battle in the 1940s. In another, Japanese soldiers can be seen practicing martial arts on the deck of the same battleship while at sea. During WWII, the Japanese put a significant amount of resources towards the Imperial Navy, in order to combat the larger American Navy. This involved the construction of the Yamato, one of the largest and most heavily armed battleships ever constructed. Built in 1937, this ship weighed over 70,000 tonnes and was fitted with the largest guns ever mounted on a ship. The vessel was sunk on April 7, 1945, by American bombers. Most of the crew were killed in the wreckage. The fascinating images were colourised by Edward Tambunan (31), an engineer from Jakarta, Indonesia.