Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Nurse becomes medieval warrior

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nurse who hated sports has 'fallen in love' with gruelling medieval fighting in 33 KILOS of armour plating and clobbering opponents with swords and axes - leaving spectators 'gasping' to discover they are women. Jo Booth first watched the fighting sport Historic Medieval Battle (HMB) in 2017 and thought it was a simple re-enactment until she realised participants were actually smashing their historically accurate weapons into each other. The 29-year-old was soon completely hooked on the sport herself - quickly progressing from throwing on a hefty suit of armour for the first time to founding the UK's first women's national team, Swords of Cygnus.

Paralysed by vengeful ex

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who was paralysed from the neck down by a vengeful ex throwing a CONCRETE SLAB on her back has beaten the odds to walk again - even miraculously going on to have her own family. Josey Trupp, from Troy, Ohio, had split from her high school boyfriend Brandon Moore at 16 years old when the jealous teen showed up at her house and violently attacked her, leaving her paralysed before killing himself. The assault, which took place in August 2009, left the now 28-year-old with a broken neck, jaw and cheek bones and she was told she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Woman smashes jaw in horror fall

***EXCLUSIVE*** An NHS worker is 'lucky to be alive' after plunging 13-FEET from a bridge and landing head first on concrete - crushing her jaw and teeth after landing on her FACE. Deméi Tito, from Ruislip, West London, was walking to a friend's house last month [July 24th] when she decided to stop and 'take a moment' by sitting on a bridge and enjoying the view over the River Brent in Ealing, London. After a few minutes of drinking in the scenery, the 27-year-old went to get up and put her hand down on what she thought was part of the bridge, but turned out to be a bush.

Killer whales breach around kayaker

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lucky kayaker's 'dreams came true' when she found herself paddling through a whole family of KILLER WHALES as they breached around her. Karianne Klovning was boating off the Lofoten Islands, Norway, in June when she was joined by six orca - four adults and two infants. Incredible footage shows the 23-year-old sat in her red kayak when two of the black and white apex predators appear out of the water just a few feet beyond her oar.

Striking snaps of two giant eagles embroiled in a bout of 'air rage'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two giant eagles became embroiled in a bout of 'air-rage' - locking talons and appearing to 'shout' at each as they tussled in a mid-air scrap. Stunning snaps captured by dad-of-one Gary Jones show the two white-tailed sea eagles, the largest birds of prey in the UK, seemingly frozen mid-air as if having a bitter row in the street. However the magnificent predators were actually hovering almost 100ft above a loch on the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides last week.