Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Mum claims that she is often mistaken for her daughters' sister

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 35-year-old mum claims she looks so young that everyone mistakes the mother and daughter for SISTERS when they go out clubbing together - leaving people 'gobsmacked' when she proves it with her ID. Laura Phillips started clubbing with daughter Levi Phillips when she turned 18 this year but each time they go they're bombarded with comments likening them to be siblings or friends. The mother-of-four who is ID'd most times she goes out said that when those she meets don't believe her age she's forced to flash her licence - leaving them stunned at their 17-year-age gap.

Woman slammed Waterstones for having a section for manga whilst excluding romance novels

***EXCLUSIVE*** A female author has accused Waterstones of 'sexism' for not having a romance section but having shelves dedicated to adult comics - as she claims the chain is 'not standing up for women readers'. Romance author Imogen Martin was furious after visiting the chain's Cardiff store and finding a whole bookcase dedicated to Japanese manga comics but no similar section for romance. The mother-of-two quizzed staff on why there was no space set aside for romance novels but remained unconvinced by their explanation that romance simply 'doesn't sell enough' to warrant a section.

Bald bus driver new hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** A balding London bus driver was left in tears when his new hair replacement 'took A DECADE off his age' - and now he's being bombarded with date requests from swooning suitors. Adam Sinclair, Forest Gate, East London, has been hiding his balding head with caps he 'didn't suit' since he was 19-years-old and he's even faced lovers' dropping hints to shell out on transplants. However, the 29-year-old singleton finally called time on his embarrassment last Wednesday [AUGUST 18] when he teamed up with hair replacement firm Novo Cabelo to reignite his love life.

Restaurant best comeback rant

***EXCLUSIVE*** A restaurant has been praised for the 'best comeback ever' for telling an irate customer they breathed 'a sign of relief' when he vowed never to return. Marshall's, based in Yarm, North Yorkshire, was forced to respond to diner, Neil, who publicly shamed the venue in a scathing online review claiming he stormed out  over 'appalling service' and waiting 40 minutes for his mains to arrive. But rather than take the fierce criticism, the restaurant shared Neil's review themselves along with a lengthy response revealing they had checked 'the CCTV and time stamps to get an accurate account' on the incident.