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Young mum suffers extreme pregnancy sickness during horrific ordeal which had her vomiting an average of 80 times a day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young mum has finally recovered after extreme pregnancy sickness had her vomiting an average of 80 times a day. Breanna Schroeder, 19, from Greeley, Colorado endured a traumatising 39 weeks after being diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) in the early stages of her pregnancy. This rare medical condition is known to cause excessive nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, and she developed symptoms within her first three weeks. Breanna, who gave birth to five month-year-old Adela earlier this year, originally went to the emergency department with crippling stomach pain which was making her vomit a few times a day.

Mother, 31, shares her heartbreak after being forced to GIVE BACK the baby girl she adopted when the birth parents changed their minds after five days

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told of her heartache of adopting a baby girl and taking her home - before being forced to give her back when her birth parents changed their mind. Sarah Howell, 31, was given less than a 1% chance of conceiving naturally, so approached an adoption agency with husband Chris, 32. They were delighted to be matched with a newborn - just an hour after finding out she had miraculously fallen pregnant naturally. But just five days after picking the baby girl up from the hospital and taking her into their home, the little one's birth parents changed their mind.

Family of 20-year-old man left paralysed for life after horror cycling crash say they are "overwhelmed" by generous wellwishers who donate £30k to pay for physiotherapy

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man is likely to be paralysed for life after a horror cycling accident – but his family have faith he will walk again thanks to £30k donations to fund private physiotherapy.  Ki New, 20, has been in hospital and unable to move from the chest down since a cycling accident on July 22 which saw him sail over the handlebars and crash to the ground.  The roofer, from Fairford, Gloucestershire, had been out cycling with friends in Cotswolds woodland and he was left with a whole host of injuries including a broken neck and back.  Despite a six-hour long surgery when he arrived at the hospital, doctors warned he was unlikely to walk again due to the damage to his spinal cord – but the family hope with specialist private physiotherapy he stands a chance.

A hero schoolgirl who saved people trapped in a burning flat raised the alarm after being inspired by a TV show about the emergency services

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hero schoolgirl who saved people trapped in a burning flat raised the alarm after being inspired by a TV show about the emergency services.  Brave Lily Swanson, 14, is obsessed with the Disney+ show 9-1-1 so when she noticed a strong burning smell she immediately stopped to investigate. She had been on a walk with her Rottweiler Isobel near her home in Leyland, Lancs., on August 24 but decided to try and find the source of the smell.  The quick-thinking teenager looked around and finally spotted black smoke billowing out of a flat window on Hough Lane.

A book describing Sir Isaac Newton's discovery of the 'rainbow' which he made while isolating from the bubonic plague is set to fetch £30,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A book describing Sir Isaac Newton's discovery of the 'rainbow' is set to be auctioned nearly 320 years after its publication. The book, 'Opticks', published in February 1704 by Sir Isaac Newton, is to be auctioned by Dominic Winter Auctioneers from September 8th to 9th. One of Newton's lesser-known discoveries, overshadowed by his revelations on gravity the book describes how Newton came upon the concept of refraction.  This first edition, first issue book, valued at between £20,000 - £30,000, is broadly considered as one of the three major works on light and optics during the Scientific Revolution. It features original designs by Newton for refraction and his experiments with prisms.

Clubber left paralysed and fearing for her life after having her electronic cigarette spiked during a night out

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman was left struggling to breathe and unable to control her body after she believes a man spiked her vape with mamba spray.  Emma Sugrue-Lawrence, 43, fell ill in Grain Store night club in Wolverhampton, West Mids., on August 21 after a man took her disposable cigarette into the toilets. The support worker remains traumatised by the assault she fears could’ve made her a date-rape victim.  A harrowing picture shows Emma passed out on a stretcher on her way to New Cross Hospital.

These pictures of Royalty taken by the 'first British paparazzi' are being auctioned and could fetch at least £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures of Royalty taken by the 'first British pap' are being auctioned and could fetch at least £30,000. The collection of 1,100 photographs were taken during the 1950s, 60s and 70s by legendary photo journalist Ray Bellisario. The majority show the Queen, members of her family and their social circles - caught paparazzi-style. They were taken by late Ray who followed the Royal family for nearly 20 years, gaining notoriety as the first British 'pap'.  The 'spotting scope' sight he used to gain the long distance photographs and which he adapted to fit his camera is also included with the sale.

A woman lost six stone to squeeze back into her favourite size 8 blue dress - after hanging it on her wardrobe door every day for inspiration

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman lost six stone to squeeze back into her favourite size 8 blue dress - after hanging it on her wardrobe door every day for inspiration.  Szilvia Sebok, 41, tipped the scales at 15st 8lbs at her heaviest and decided to lose weight after having to go up to a size 18 in jeans. After swapping takeaways for healthy home-cooked meals and exercising regularly she lost 6st 5lbs in just seven months and can now get back into her favourite size 8 dress with ease and is a slender 9st 12lbs. The dress was Szilvia's go to party dress, so when it didn't fit anymore she was heartbroken.

A 127-year-old time capsule has been opened for the first time in over a century after being discovered buried under a library by builders

***EXCLUSIVE*** A time capsule was opened at a Peaky Blinders film set for the first time since it was buried below a library 127 years ago.  Contractors unearthed the artefact whosecontents remained a mystery because only experts could safely open it.  Conservators prized open the cylinder at the Black Country Living Museum, the backdrop many scenes of the Brummie gangster drama.   Pieta Greaves from Drakon Heritage warmed the edge of the glass jar with a hairdryer before gently lifting the lid.  The capsule contained three newspapers such as the Dudley Herald, all dated Saturday, July 1, 1894, the day the library on Stourbridge Road officially opened.

Collection of WW2 medals awarded to controversial media tycoon Robert Maxwell going under hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of WW2 medals which were awarded to the controversial media tycoon Robert Maxwell during the Second World War are going under the hammer. The media magnet, famed for stealing his employees pensions, fought through Europe, taking part in the Normandy landings and capture of Berlin before being awarded the Military Cross Group of Medals in 1945. After the war, Maxwell spent six years as a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party before rising to fame as a businessman, buying the Mirror Group Newspapers and other publications. But in 1991, Maxwell drowned off the Canary Islands while on his yacht Lady Ghislaine, having apparently fallen overboard, although many believe he may have been pushed.