Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Youngest winner of one of the world's most elite music competitions can't claim her prize of playing piano at Carnegie Hall - because she's too young to get the vaccine

***EXCLUSIVE*** A four-year-old piano prodigy can't perform at Carnegie Hall - because she's too young to get her COVID vaccine. At the age of three, Brigitte Xie had become the youngest ever winner of a music competition and landed a spot to play the piano at the prestigious venue. Sadly, all performers are currently required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and pre-schooler Brigitte is too young to get hers so was forced to pull out.

Golfer has become the first person ever to hit balls the entire length of the UK - doing 250,000 shots and losing nearly 1,000 balls

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the keen golfer who putted the length of the UK, stopping at 70 locations to teach CPR and how to use defibrillators, and raising money for treatment of heart attacks. David Sullivan, 58, drove his golf balls the full length of the UK, putting his whole 9 to 10,000-mile course in ten weeks: teeing off every day From Friday June 11 to Sunday August 22. The golfing fanatic, who started playing aged four, struck over a-quarter-of-a-million shots and lost 942 golf balls along roads and tracks: covering between 7 and 30 miles a day.

Stranded bride is rescued by police after breaking down on dual carriageway on the way to her wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wedding day hitch was narrowly averted when police drove a stranded bride and her parents to church after the wedding car broke down. Lydia Evans-Hughes and her parents, Yvette and Alan Fletcher, who live near Bridgnorth, were almost halfway to the venue when the car broke down at the side of a busy dual carriageway. But thanks to police inspector Matt Geddes, helped by traffic officers, the bride's blushes were spared when he took them to the destination in his police car.

Selfless nurse goes into hospital on her days off to braid patient's hair and chat to them throughout the pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brooke Johns, 40, works at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, but also has a talent for haircare and pampering. In January this year, a friend was hospitalised for three weeks, but couldn't have any visitors due to restrictions - apart from Brooke, because she worked there. Mum-of-three Brooke gave her a 90 minute pampering session - and when she noticed how much it lifted her pal, she vowed to do it for other patients too.

Moscow International Foto Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** From quirky images of Africa to spectacular ceremonies the newly announced Moscow International Foto awards showcases the world’s top images. Russian photographer George Mayer took home the Photographer of the Year award for his portrait, Anima. The photograph features a nude woman with red and black shadows cast on her – and the picture won George around £2,300. Another photograph by Arseniy Neskhodimov, a Russian photographer, placed first in the People category with his picture, titled Prozac. The unique picture shows the photographer standing in a room filled with flower petals, holding a pair of flippers. The competition was open to any adult worldwide and offers a chance for both amateur and professional photographers to showcase their work in the international art scene.

Origami pet houses house cats and dogs in style

Tokyo, Japan: The traditional Japanese art of origami has a new application - creating cosy homes for dogs and cats - thanks to Tokyo and Paris based apparel brand TENEO. The firm has partnered with design and events marketing company, Nouvelle Vague and Professor Jun Mitani, who belongs to the University of Tsukuba Graduate School, which promotes origami to the world, to ensure the homes keep pets in comfort while retaining the beauty of the origami structure. The main material is a foldable eco-friendly strain of cardboard. The design team is utilising computer graphics to make origami three-dimensional drawings as a design base, to create a beautiful design that blends into the interior of your home. The pet houses are being designed in both bell and dome-shaped models. TENEO aim to develop products that blend Japanese traditional culture into modern lifestyles, offering their first collections for the fallwinter 2020 season. They have launched a crowdfunding project on the Japanese product platform Makuake with the aim of making their first general sales in December.

Legend of Merlin the Magician has been casting a spell for 800 years, reveals new find

***EXCLUSIVE*** The legend of Merlin the Magician has been casting a spell in print for at least 800 years, according to a new study. Fragments of medieval manuscript found in Bristol, telling the story of the Arthurian wizard, have been identified as some of the earliest surviving examples of their kind. State of the art technology also revealed how the hand-written documents ended up in Bristol.

Hare hides from photographer then pulls a face

***EXCLUSIVE*** A shy mountain hare hides from a photographer before peeking out from behind its giant paw.   The female hare was relaxing in the shade beside a rock, surrounded by pink flowers and vegetation in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. But when she noticed highlands-based photography Gary Hodgson snapping away, the hare got shy and hid behind one of its massive paws. The 55 year old said: "This is an individual mountain hare I have been regularly photographing over the last three weeks or so.”

Workers hanging fabric to dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers hang colourful fabrics on bamboo poles to dry in the sun. Hundreds of brightly-coloured cloths decorate the poles and lines in this factory in Bogor, Indonesia. The colours from the dyes create a dazzling scene as the workers diligently go about their daily duties. Photographer Gatot Herliyanto, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, captured these scenes.

Children play as paddy is dried

***EXCLUSIVE*** Children play with a pair of empty carts as they run through an area rice is spread out to dry. At night these cones are placed over the piles of rice to keep it dry. The empty carts that the children are pushing are usually used by their parents to bring in new wet rice to be spread out and dried in the sun. Rafid Yasar said, "This is the biggest rice drying field in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. Around 100 to 150 metric tones of paddy is dried here every week. The children's parents work full days here, with a total of 8 hours everyday." "The children are often seen helping their parents, but they still have that instinct of a child in their nature, which is to play."