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Boyfriend loves toy dolls

***EXCLUSIVE*** A toy doll fanatic who feared she would be alone forever has met the 'man of her dreams' who loves her £2,500 collection of 'practice babies' too - but they both turn neighbours' heads when they take them for walks in the pram. Jess Ellis had always like the look of reborn dolls, but it was only when she found herself working alone from home in April 2020 that she splurged on her first one. The 25-year-old immediately fell in love with the doll and now has four at home - splashing at least £2,500 on her hobby and using them to teach partner Avery Raassen 'how to be a dad'.

Daredevil dog goes paragliding

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dog owner has hit back at those who claim taking her tiny pooch kayaking, snowboarding and paragliding is 'animal cruelty' - saying he loves nothing more than flying through the air at 9,000 feet. Amazing videos show eight-year-old Jack Russell, Juster, taking to the slopes and leaping into the sky strapped to his adventure loving owner Une Cecilie Oksvold. The fearless canine looks relaxed in Une's arms as the pair swoop over the Norwegian countryside.

Disabled shopper shamed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A disabled shopper claims Home Bargains staff 'mocked her shaking hands and poor balance' by joking 'it's a bit early to be drinking' as she struggled to pick up items - leaving her sobbing in 'humiliation'. Dianna Slade, whose neurological disorder impacts her movement, was visiting the retail giant's Bidston Moss store, Merseyside, late last month [AUGUST 27] when her symptoms flared up. The shaking 37-year-old, from Meols, Wirral, Merseyside, claims she was then ridiculed by 'cruel' employees after battling to maintain her balance while picking up car mats she'd dropped mid-aisle onto a worker's back.

Out of touch mortgage adviser

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mortgage adviser has been branded 'out of touch' after mocking those who complain and blame the government because they can't afford their own house - as she believes it's just 'victim mentality'. Ewa Brzeska, from Carlisle, Cumbria, used TikTok to ridicule people who bemoan not getting on the property ladder by pointing out the range of help available including lifetime ISAs and mortgage guarantee schemes. However the 25-year-old independent mortgage adviser was blasted by hundreds of angry commenters who labelled her video 'tone deaf' when it went viral last month.

Frog with umbrella

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEKASI, INDONESIA: In the image, a 0.4-ounce tree frog could be seen grasping a leaf and holding it above its head to shelter from the rain. A second picture showed the frog looking happily on as the water droplets splashed around it. The cute moment was captured by Dzul Dzulfikri (49) from Bekasi, Indonesia, in his hometown. He used a Canon 5D MKiV with a 100mm lens to take the shots from around a foot away.

Mink tries to drown heron

***EXCLUSIVE*** This tiny mink's eyes proved too be too big for its stomach as it tried to DROWN a heron by jumping on the giant bird's back and dragging it underwater - only for the plucky prey to escape after a David-and-Goliath battle. Stunning snaps captured by dad-of-three Phil Burt show the ferocious but slight mammal mount the distressed bird, go straight for the jugular and try to drown its prey, despite being dwarfed in size. One incredible shot shows the minks tiny paws outstretched around the wide-eyed bird's neck and its jaws clamped down on its throat while another has the predator on its target's back as if riding it like a hairy jockey.

Tiger block

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAGPUR, INDIA: In one image, the 300-pound Bengal tigers could be seen grappling with each other, as tourists watched in awe from the safety of their cars. A second shot showed one of the tigers tugging at the other's tail as it tried to walk away. The thrilling pictures were captured by photographer Varun Thakkar (33), from Nagpur, India. He was around 70-feet from the action and took the shot using a Nikon D7000. The images were taken at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur, India.