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A pregnant mum whose water's broke at 20 weeks was urged to abort but had her baby ten weeks later and he has thrived - despite being given a ONE per cent chance of survival

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum was urged to terminate her pregnancy when her waters broke at just 20 weeks and she was told her baby had less than one per cent of survival - but now he is thriving. Little Chester Rice, now nine months old, was born weighing just 834g, or 1lb 8oz - less than a bag of sugar - a whole ten weeks after mum Ann's waters broke at just 20 weeks. Mum-of-three Ann, 36, from Cardiff, Wales, was told she would miscarry naturally within 48 hours, and was sent home from hospital with antibiotics. And when she didn't miscarry, she was advised by multiple doctors to terminate her pregnancy, due to the risk of her contracting sepsis. Ann, who is also mum to Connor, seven, and 19-month-old Riley, said receiving the news was "horrific" - but she and husband Chris, 38, took the decision to continue the pregnany.

World's largest cruise ship to hit the seas in 2022

Florida, United States: Royal Caribbean International has announced the world’s largest cruise ship, Wonder of the Seas, will hit the seas around the U.S. and Europe in 2022. The mammoth vessel is set to sail from its home in Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean on 4 March, 2022, before making its way to Barcelona and Rome to kick off summer vacations in May. Passengers will be able to Wonder’s eight distinct neighborhoods, an Oasis Class first, that include all-new features such as the Suite Neighborhood, a cantilevered pool bar named The Vue, and Wonder Playscape - an interactive, open-air kids’ play area with awe-inspiring views. With returning favorites also on deck, like The Ultimate Abyss, the tallest slide available at sea. There’s also Central Park, the neighborhood filled with real plants from end to end; and the vibrant Caribbean-inspired pool deck experience, the innovative, new ship invites adventurers of all ages to reimagine, explore and make memories once again. The momentum taking off across bookings and our returning ships in the U.S. and Europe is significant.

Classic Porsche prototype on sale for more than £1 million

Stuttgart, Germany: German firm Mechatronik are selling a very special Porsche 959 - a prototype of the firm’s first supercar. Priced at around $1.25 million (£1.1 million), the car is the seventh of 12 F-Series prototypes, which were built just before pre-production and pilot production vehicles. Finished in Ruby Red, it was used for hot weather testing and electrical-systems testing in the U.S. and Europe. It’s an early prototype of the car Porsche entered in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Produced from 1986 until 1983, the production version of the twin-turbocharged 959 was the world's fastest street-legal production car when introduced, achieving a top speed of 317 kmh (197 mph), with some variants even capable of achieving 339 kmh (211 mph). During its production run, the 959 was considered as the most technologically advanced road-going sports car ever built, pioneering technology that would be used in the next generation of high-performance vehicles.

A woman owes her life to the adult site only fans after the money she raised from selling her raunchy picture helped fund life-saving treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rachael Huckle, 34 - known online as 'Ivy Tenebrae' - signed up to the website after she fell ill with a rare autoimmune disease called pemphigus.  The condition causes painful blisters to erupt throughout Rachael's digestive system including mouth, nose, throat and bowel - making it difficult for her to eat and swallow. As a result she dropped to four stone and was initially diagnosed with anorexia as her symptoms stumped doctors for nearly 10 years.  Eventually she was unable to work and lost her job at a legal firm - so she turned to the website for financial support.  Having done some modelling in the past, Rachael couldn't believe the response - she now makes around £4,000 a month for selling her photos.  Thanks to the funds she was able to pay for private treatment which finally got the bottom of her illness.  Rachael, a content creator, from Wrexham, Wales, said: "I owe my life to Only Fans - it literally saved me - I'm so grateful to my fans and everything they've done for me.

Collection of art made by alligators, tortoises, chameleons, penguins and even frogs is due to be auctioned for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** From elephants given brushes to artistic chimps, animals have often turned their hand to their own paw-traits. Now a collection of art made by alligators, tortoises, chameleons, penguins and even frogs is due to be auctioned for charity. All the animals are inhabitants of Tennessee Aquarium who hope to raise funds for the centre. The keepers work with the animals to help make it a fun enrichment activity and non-toxic washable kids paint is used. As is the nature of animals, they are curious about anything new in their environment and were quick to take up the artistic challenge. To prepare for the workshops, the keepers lay down canvases and spread non-toxic washable children’s paint as a foundation of colour. For the Gentoo penguins, their effort may look flippant but the keepers confirmed that they put their heart and sole into creating the works.  One of the most enthusiastic painters in the Aquarium’s Noah’s Ark of Artists is the American Alligator.

A selection of vintage James Bond posters are up for auction - some for at least £8000 each

***EXCLUSIVE*** A total of 15 Bond posters will come under the hammer, many of them classics of the genre from films starring the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  Highlights include a British quad sized sheet for Thunderball (1965) by Robert McGinnis, the artist responsible for some of the most memorable Connery Bond designs.  It is estimated at £6,000-8,000 as is the poster for Goldfinger (1964) to the classic ‘gold lady’ design by Robert Brownjohn.  Bond's unique relationship with Aston Martin is also evident in a rare promotional black and white poster picturing a DB5 with the red logo 'Bond Drives an Aston……Naturally.’  Made for Aston dealerships at the time of the release of Thunderball in 1965, it is estimated at £3,000-5,000.  Roger Moore fans have a unique opportunity to bid for posters signed by him at Pinewood Studios.  The collection includes excellent examples of British quads for The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), Moonraker (1979), For Your Eyes Only (1981) and Octopussy (1983).   The poster for Octopussy, that combined the artistic talents of Dan Goozee (who provided the figures) and Renato Casaro (the wide action scene montage) leads this group with a guide of £1,500-2,000.  The posters are being offered by auctioneers Lyon & Turnbull, in partnership with poster specialists Tomkinson Churcher.

A British gardener has grown the world's largest ever MARROW weighing a monstrous 255lbs - smashing the current record by nearly 50lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British gardener has grown the world's largest ever MARROW weighing a monstrous 255lbs - smashing the current record by nearly 50lbs. Vince Sjodin, 49, unveiled his whopping veg at the UK National Giant Vegetables Championship. Vince carted his 255lbs masterpiece all the way from Wales to the Malvern Autumn Show in Worcestershire today (Fri). It was measured by an adjudicator for Guinness World Records - breaking the record for biggest ever marrow on the planet. The previous record was set by Dutch farmer Brad Wursten in September 2009 who registered a marrow weighing 206.5 pounds.

Louis Vuitton continues its Travel Book series, this time with a far-reaching destination in mind: Mars

***EXCLUSIVE*** In TRAVEL BOOKS MARS, the luxury fashion label brings together French writer Sylvain Tesson and Belgian comic illustrator, François Schuiten to bring a fictional tale in the 22nd Century — where exponential population growth and rising temperatures have turned former habitable regions into barren deserts. In the book, a man and woman — perhaps the new era's Adam and Eve — venture off to Mars to see if the planet can withstand life. Speaking on the publication, Schuiten notes that he is not much a traveler at all, but found the massive landscapes needed to envision Mars refreshing.

App which projects lifelike virtual spider onto the body ‘could help people get over their phobia’

***EXCLUSIVE*** An app which projects a lifelike virtual spider onto you could help people get over their phobias, scientists say. Completing just a few training units on a smartphone at home reduces the fear of spiders in the real world, according to a new study. Spiders are one of the most common phobias, causing many everyday limitations for those who try and avoid them. Sufferers often find themselves excessively checking rooms or avoiding outdoor spaces all together, as well as basements and lofts.

UK’s first pizza vending machine offers five flavours of topping in under five minutes

***EXCLUSIVE*** The UK’s first pizza vending machine offers five flavours of topping in under five minutes.  Each Pizza Rebellion machine stocks 70 fresh handmade pizzas, ready to be cooked at any time of day or night. Customers can choose between five “totally modern” flavours, including Pulverised Pepperoni, Pig n’ Pineapple and Rib & Pickle. The company launched its first machine outside The Richmond Arms in West Ashling, West Sussex, earlier this year. Due to its success, business owners Will and Emma Jack have decided to set up a second machine opposite Chichester Railway Station. Each pizza costs between £8.95 and £9.95 and is therefore a lot more economical than Dominos or Papa John’s, they say.

Jackdaws dance on deers head

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jackdaws frolic on a red deer's head.  Although the bird appears to be bothering the doe, it is actually doing it a favour by feeding on the flies and ticks lurking while the animal rests in Bushy Park, London. The jackdaw, which comes from the crow family, feasts for around a minute, occasionally even venturing into the deer's ears to find little bugs to nibble on before moving on.

Chilli processing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers lay a sea of red chillies out to dry in the hot sun.  Around 50 to 70 tonnes of the chillies are dried in the 33 degree heat, whilst employees use umbrellas to shield themselves from the soaring temperatures. The photos were taken by photographer Ismail Hossain in the town of Sariakandi, in the Bogra district of Bangladesh. Mr Hossain said: "After they are dried the chillies are sold to distributors across the country.  Despite their hard work, the workers aren't paid enough - especially considering the heat they have to work in."

Cormorant left floundering trying to eat large fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cormorant grapples with a large flatfish as it struggles to devour it.  After just one dive, the large water bird, which mainly eats fish and eels, caught the flounder in its beak. But after a short grapple, the creature decided its eyes were in fact too big for its stomach and released its prey back into the River Eden near the town of Guardbridge in Fife, Scotland.  After this encounter, it then continued its journey downstream while continually diving to seek out food.

Bird with mutliple bugs in mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A common myna sits with multiple termites sticking out of its beak. While sat watching the myna for over an hour, marketing professional Manthan Venkatesh Prasad, 25, managed to capture this comical sight of the myna with his multiples catches hanging out of his mouth. Taken on the outskirts of Mysore district, Karnataka state, India, Manthan explains: The insects will come out from their nests and these bird will notice that and catch them. Mynas are very greedy and will try and catch as much as they can fit into their mouths.

Water lillies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers in conical hats harvest vibrant purple water lilies, arranging them in circles on the surface of the dark water.   Once harvested from the wetlands the flowers are sold at nearby markets, ready to be cooked and eaten as a local delicacy. The photos were taken by textile engineer and photographer Saleh Mohammad Asif, in the village of Satla, in the southern Bangladeshi region of Barisal.

Yawning hare looks tired

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hare is pictured in hare-larious pose.  A photographer spent so long trying to get close to a hare to take it's picture the mammal ended up falling asleep. The hare was spotted in South Powys, Wales, on a private estate, by firefighter, Thomas Winstone, 43 of Gwent said, "I was watching the a pair of hares for some 4 hours that day. One of them I just couldn't approach, however this one took me an hour of belly crawling 150 metres to managed to gain its trust and it knew I wasn't a threat." "It's not like going on a guided photography workshop, where things are setup for you, here I had to do my own research and leg work, failing numerous times. In total I've put in over 20 hours looking to photograph hares which is probably mostly down to Wales having a small population of brown hares, due to coursing and agricultural practices." "Hares will typically bask in the sun, but probably watching me from 150m away going so slowly got it a little bored. I'm sure at one point he might have even fallen asleep. I was thinking after six sessions up there, the effort of walking the steep fields it was about time my luck changed. I had got to know they're patterns and routines through watching and trying to photograph them, knowing also the geography of the land all helped in my stalking this hare." "I was so happy to have got this close.  I think hares are wonderful creatures, it made me laugh to think I may have bored it so much it actually yawned!  What are the odds, it certainly isn't something you see every day."