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A young professional couple sold their £150,000 'dream' house and gave up their jobs to travel around Scotland in a converted van with their dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young professional couple sold their £150,000 'dream' house and gave up their top jobs and now make a living travelling around Scotland in a campervan with their dogs. Victoria MacDonald, 28, and Scott Ross, 32, lived in a swanky three-bed pad which even had a ballroom - but found the pressure of their careers was bringing them down.  The detached home, in Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire, had belonged to the Coleman's mustard dynasty, and they bought it for £100,000 in June 2016. But knowing they didn't plan to have kids in the massive 12-room villa, and feeling increasingly dissatisfied professionally, nearly five years ago they started thinking about having a change.

Superyacht company unveil optical illusion 'pure' concept design

A superyacht company has unveiled a bold concept entitled Pure. Designed to be ultra-minimalist, Dutch firm Feadship say the vessel comes with such little exterior detailing that it creates an optical illusion to confound the viewer’s sense of scale. Feadship launched the 81.75 metre superyacht design at 2021 Monaco Yacht Show. The company say they never release information about cost of their yachts. Designer Jan Schaffers explains: „At Feadship we are used to designing totally bespoke yachts for clients with every aspect driven by their individual desires. Pure synthesises all the know-how gained in recent times over the types of spaces and exteriors which owners ask for in the purest way possible, following the red thread of these wishes. Many of us are inherently reluctant to truly explore what our actual needs are and Pure takes a deep dive down this path.”

James Bond prop helicopter sells for £25,300

A model of a Bell 47G Helicopter used in the filming of the James Bond classic „You Only Live Twice” sold on Sunday (26 Sep) for £25,300. UK auction house H&H Classics had estimated the lot at £18,000 to £22,000. The buyer is a London based collector and the underbidder was from California the USA. There was very keen bidding throughout the sale, say H&H. Adam Sykes, Head of Automobilia at H&H Classics, says: „This was a very important piece of British Film history so we were not surprised by the level of interest from around the world.” The model helicopter is believed to be the last remaining, 007 Bell 47G Helicopter props out of four originals created and used in the movie. This model is significantly larger and more impressive than the only other example publicly sold. It measures a whopping 9 feet in length, dwarfing the other example sold at just 6 and a half feet in length.

This mum won't have to dig her Christmas tree out the attic this year - because it's been up all year

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the mum who found her twinkly festive lights so uplifting last Christmas she kept the tree up all year. Christmas-loving Victoria Gauden, 37, put up and decorated her tree on October 1 2020. The Mum-of-two was devastated to scale back the usual 20-plus family gathering on December 25th last year because of Covid-19 restrictions. The isolated youth-worker, further confined when daughter Demi, then 9, caught Coronavirus on January 4, found solace in the twinkly tree-lights which brightened up her evenings and gave her hope, she said.

Diamond bracelets belonging to Marie Antoinette could sell for £3 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Diamond bracelets belonging to Marie Antoinette who entrusted them to a friend for safekeeping before her execution could sell for £3 million. The stunning jewels, which contain 112 diamonds, were among her few surviving possessions sent from France before she was beheaded. They were given to her eldest daughter, Marie Theresa, after she and her husband, King Louis XIV, were captured and killed.

This incredible video shows a husband and wife's amazing encounter with a group of humpback whales

***EXCLUSIVE*** This incredible video shows a husband and wife's amazing encounter with a group of humpback whales.  David Edgar, 32 and his wife Alice Edgar, 33 were diving in the beautiful crystal-clear waters off the islands of Tonga in the South Pacific.  The couple from Sydney, Australia were following a group of three humpback whales – a mother, her calf and a male escort. Amazingly the curious calf came up and began investing Alice. Professional underwater photographer David was able to capture some gorgeous images and video that showed  the Humpback seemingly DANCING with his wife.

A former market trader who came out of retirement during lockdown has set up a successful sweet shop - on a canal barge

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former market trader who came out of retirement during lockdown has set up a successful sweet shop - on a canal barge. Pat Creaven, 61, and his wife Jill sail their boat along the Leeds-Liverpool canal and opens his floating sweet shop at various stops on the route. The couple sail between Rodley in Leeds, West Yorks., to Foulridge in Pendle, Lancs., on board their home-cum-shop, called Pendle Witch Sweets. And they sell hand-measured traditional sweets for £1 per 100 grams during stops at stations along the route to the delight of customers. The couple bought their barge in 2017 and planned to spend their retirement cruising the canalways of the UK and Ireland. But during lockdown, entrepreneur Pat purchased an old pair of scales and decided to open a sweet shop on the boat.

Mourning dress worn by Queen Victoria has been sold for £3,600

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mourning dress worn by Queen Victoria has been sold for £3,600 by the descendants of the woman who acquired it over 120 years ago. The black two-piece outfit consists of a large satin and silk dress with a humped trail and matching shoulder jacket decorated with elaborate lace.

A former pastor who had to give up because he couldn't stand long enough to preach lost a staggering 25st (350lb) after doctors told him he would be dead in six months

***EXCLUSIVE*** A morbidly obese man who weighed over 600 pounds has shredded half his body weight in three years - after life saving surgery helped him get back on his feet. Jim Hitt, 37, never imagined his obesity would leave him wheelchair bound unable to go to the toilet by himself. Three years ago, Jim's struggle with his weight became so severe that his doctor told him he had six months to live. Jim, who now works as a motivational speaker, was informed the only way of saving him was if he underwent bariatric weight loss surgery.

Batman comic featuring first appearances of Joker and Catwoman has sold for over a million pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Batman comic featuring the first appearances of the Joker and Catwoman has sold for over a million pounds. The sealed copy of the Batman No 1 comic, with the Caped Crusader and Robin on the cover, was published by DC comics in March 1940. The superhero debuted in 1939 in Detective Comics 27 and his popularity sparked the launch of a standalone Batman comic. The comic, which retailed at 10 cents (7p), has the tagline 'all new adventures of Batman and Robin, the boy wonder'.

A 23st lasagne addict who was too fat to tie her shoelaces sheds half her body weight to become superfit marathon runner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Maria Bullock, 55, piled on the pounds after years of gorging on her favourite pasta dish, along with cream cakes and cheesy baguettes.  But she decided to take drastic action after she struggled to breathe and was unable to bend down to tie her shoes up.  Incredibly, the mum-of-two has lost 12st and dropped 14 dress sizes after swapping high-fat food for salads and taking up running.  Maria now exercises every morning and will run in this Sunday’s London Marathon.

Vineyard is using clay 'sunscreen' on their vines to protect their grapes from the scorching sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** The wine connoisseurs at Green and Red Vineyard in Napa Valley decided to start using the technique as a way of keeping their vine trees healthy during the summer. This year, the winery has experienced a particularly warm growing season recording one of their earliest ever dates for harvest. To prevent their grapes shrivelling up into raisins in the sweltering sun, staff started spraying an organic white clay on their vine leaves. Officially known as Kaolin clay, this substance clones the effects of sunscreen, stopping the leaves from burning and allowing sunlight on to the grapes. A tank sprayer is loaded up with the clay and dragged behind a tractor to apply the necessary protection to particular areas of the vineyard.

A unique shark-teeth clapperboard used during the filming of Jaws has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A unique shark-teeth clapperboard used during the filming of Jaws has emerged for sale for £30,000. ($40,000) The black and white wooden slate, which has 'Jaws' and 'Spielberg' written on it, resembles the fearsome predator with its serrated black and white clap stick. It lifts up and down to mimic the great white shark's bite which terrorised Amity island's residents in the 1975 Stephen Spielberg film.