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Dreamlike kindergarten inspired by clouds unveiled

It’s looks like a spaceship but is actually a brand-new dreamlike kindergarten influenced by clouds. Completed in Aug. 2021, the Ziling Changxing Kindergarten has been designed by Architects X + Living. They describe it as a ‘museum in the clouds’. The Designers say the project, located in Huzhou, China, seeks to “to provide children with a dreamy space." There is a swimming pool, a 'simulation city' allowing occupational experience and a 'fairy-tale vive' auditorium with pastel seating. X+Living say the design technique sees "the real world & children's imagination universe merging together and affecting each other."

Giant artwork of a pumpkin carriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shelley Wilson and Tom Nelson of Sunnyfields Farm in Totton, Hants put the finishing touches to a giant artwork of a pumpkin carriage, made up of over 10,000 of the different coloured pumpkins and squashes which will be unveiled to the public for the first time this weekend, Saturday 2nd October. Sunnyfields Farm is expecting 50-60,000 visitors to it's Pumpkin Time Event over the next month in the run up to Halloween. As well as seeing this impressive display set on a grassy knoll, visitors will be able to pick their own.

Two storey dog mansion

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet lover has built a two-storey 'dog mansion' within her own home for her pack of 16 rescue pooches - complete with balcony, seven-foot ramp and stained-glass windows. Susie Elliott, from Wharton, Texas, US, has been rescuing dogs her entire adult life but since buying her new home five years ago, she decided they deserved their own space to unwind. The 63-year-old set out to build her 16 mutts their own 7ft-tall mansion named the Hound Dog Hotel, which took three months and $400 (£296) to build.

Shark whisperer removes fishing hook

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cool-headed dive instructor has been hailed as 'the shark whisperer' after footage emerged of him carefully removing a fishing hook from the fin of one of the world's deadliest fish - a giant FIVE METRE tiger shark. Hissan Ahmed was helping guests enjoy the sealife on Fuvahmulah, the Maldives, last Wednesday [SEPTEMBER 22] when a group of intimidating sharks emerged from the distance. The 31-year-old's attention was quickly drawn to the largest predator, a female estimated to measure around five metres, as he spotted fishing tackle hanging from the dorsal fin on its back.

Acrylics rip nail off

***EXCLUSIVE*** A student has sworn that she'll never get another manicure after her acrylic nail was torn off - ripping her REAL NAIL off with it. A student has sworn that she'll never get another manicure after her acrylic ripped her REAL NAIL off - when she sat on her own hand just hours after getting her false nails. Jade Windebank, from Aldershot, Hampshire, lost her thumb nail in the painful incident just hours after her manicure on Monday.

DFS dangerous sofa row

***EXCLUSIVE*** A furious gran is demanding DFS take back a 'dangerous' £1,200 sofa - as she claims whenever her grandson stands and 'flops' back down on it he smashes his face on the 'poorly padded' arm. Claire Neil, from Ushaw Moor, County Durham, says that her two-year-old grandson Archie Burns has injured himself twice as he stands up and either 'flops' or 'bangs' back down - hitting his face on the armrests with such force he 'gave himself a black eye'. Horrified, Claire rang and emailed the retail giant numerous times before a DFS worker examined the silver crushed velvet sofa and cuddle chair in her home on September 28th and deemed it safe.

Cops over nerf gun war

***EXCLUSIVE*** A care worker was left stunned when his 'Karen' neighbour had POLICE banging on his door over reports of 'gunfire' because he had been enjoying friendly neighbourhood 'Nerf gun wars' - so he's bought more just to annoy them. Dan Scott from Winslow, Buckinghamshire, moved into a new home with his girlfriend in November last year and the 25-year-old quickly initiated the light-hearted game with his new neighbours. Within weeks the self-professed 'big kid' got four other households on his road involved in the Nerf gun wars where they ambush one another with foam darts.