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Spotty baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** DALLAS, USA: Quality Analyst, Toneka Rogers Robinson (32) from Dallas, Texas, and her husband, entrepreneur Justin (34), met in high school and had been together for 17 years before the birth of their baby girl Jireh. The pair got married in 2013, before becoming pregnant in 2019 with their first child, Justice. Sadly, Toneka suffered from HELLP Syndrome during the pregnancy, a severe form of Preeclampsia that can affect pregnant women and Justice was born premature. Justice was expected to make a full recovery but unexpectedly passed away at only four weeks old. Five months later, Toneka and Justin discovered that they were expecting again. Preparing for a high-risk pregnancy, Toneka kept regular appointments with her doctor and carried out several tests to ensure that everything went smoothly. Jireh was born in June 2021, a happy and healthy baby. The couple were initially concerned– as Jireh was born with dark spots all over her skin. Their doctors quickly reassured Toneka and Justin that the marks were only superficial – Jireh was perfectly healthy. Jireh was diagnosed with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN) – visible pigmented (melanocytic) proliferations in the skin that are present at birth. The condition is not hereditary, and is caused by faulty development of pigment cells in the first trimester of pregnancy. This condition occurs in around 1-percent of infants worldwide. There is an increased risk of Melanoma with this condition. Toneka and Justin began sharing photos of their daughter on Instagram to keep family up to date, but Jireh’s unique appearance garnered attention – and her Instagram account @_jirehjoy_ now has over 7,000 followers. The couple loves being able to show the world their beautiful child and are excited that Jireh will grow up in a world that is becoming more accepting of differences.

Scorned woman burns wedding dress

***EXCLUSIVE*** A scorned woman doused her wedding dress in alcohol and set it ablaze to celebrate the end of her marriage - as she claims her ex-hubby cheated SIX TIMES. Chrissy Blake waded through a lake, stamped on and then scorched her $1,400 (£1,024) ivory gown after splitting from her husband, who she says had been unfaithful for the first time before they had even tied the knot. The 41-year-old, from Massachusetts, US, enlisted the help of a photographer to capture the moment she poured a bottle of wine over the dress and set it alight.

Couple mistaken for mum and daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lesbian couple claim they are often left red-faced as strangers mistake them for mother and daughter - despite there only being a year between the two of them. Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans, 33 and 34 respectively, admit they sometimes feel insecure as the 'horrendous' mix-up can make them question if they look their age. The couple, from Windsor, Berkshire, say it has led to many uncomfortable situations including delivery men asking if Whitney's 'mother is home' and it even occurred when they were away getting married.

Sexual abuse seizures

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA: Writer and educator, Lindsay Wolf (37), New Hampshire, USA, was diagnosed with a rare condition called Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2018, a mental health condition diagnosed in people who have experienced traumatic events. In 2015, Lindsay gave birth to her daughter, Juniper (6), and started experiencing debilitating symptoms out of the blue that only intensified over time. She suffered through involuntary muscle spasms that would last up to two hours at a time, panic attacks so severe she didn’t believe she’d make it through them, and a constant inner atmosphere of shame, panic, and dread. At first, Lindsay assumed it was Postpartum Depression, a condition where women may feel depressed after having a baby due to hormonal changes. As so many parents she knows have struggled with these disorders after birthing their children. However, one random day, she was knocked off course by a severe panic attack, and frantically dialled up a local women’s health clinic. Her struggles were patiently listened to and she was guided through her panic attack, she was also put on the clinic’s waitlist for therapy. Linsday started therapy at the clinic three weeks later, where she was finally diagnosed with the condition she had spent years unknowingly living with - she had CPTSD from enduring ongoing childhood trauma.

Hubby saves tan addict wife

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'sunbed addict' who competed with pals for the darkest holiday tan claims her hubby saved her life when he spotted a mole while in bed together and booked her a doctor appointment - that turned out to be melanoma. Emma Buchan started using sunbeds aged 18 around five times a week for up to 12 minutes a session and would even have competitions with friends on holiday to see who could achieve the deepest tan. The 34-year-old said her husband Craig Buchan noticed a lumpy mole on her thigh when she was around 24 and 'constantly nagged' her to get it checked out but she was in 'total denial'.

Too heavy to walk

***EXCLUSIVE*** PONCE, PUERTO RICO: This woman has revealed how she lost more than five-stone in less than a year after becoming so heavy that she was UNABLE to WALK. Immigration Paralegal Alondra Torres-Roman (22) from Ponce, Puerto Rico, used food to comfort herself during a bad relationship when she was younger, reaching a weight of 17st 8lbs and wearing a UK dress size 18. Alondra started to lack courage, struggling to make friends or speak about her feelings, until one day in November 2020 when she looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise herself.

Daredevil former paratrooper base-jumps 558ft from Gunwharf Quays landmark

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daredevil former paratrooper shocked onlookers by leaping off a 558ft city landmark.  John Bream, nicknamed 'John the Flying Fish', plummeted from the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, Hants, in a daring stunt. However, Mr Bream said he had to land in water after 'coming in too fast' and security and police officers rushed over as they feared he could be a terrorist due to the loud bang his parachute made. The 35 year old leapt from the tower with his friend and the former world champion base jumper known as 'DTM'.

Instagram World

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images snapped by Instagram photographers of the world's most stunning remote places have been revealed in a new book. One of the images, by photographer Benjamin Hardman, captured an impressive aerial shot of a boat squeezing its way through an ice bank in Greenland. Another photo showed the amazing orange rivers and sediments of the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, captured by UK-born photographer Charley Savely. The incredible selection of images have been released by White Lion Publishing as part of new landscape photography book Let’s Get Lost: the world's most stunning remote locations by Finn Beales. The book features images from a host of Instagram photographers from across the globe, with shots from Antarctica to Zambia and beyond.

Happy seals

***EXCLUSIVE*** CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Adorable seals have been snapped in a seaside suburb of Cape Town - which is home to over five thousand of the marine mammals. In one image, an adorable 300-pound South African fur seal can be seen laughing and blowing bubbles. In another image, a colony of seals can be seen swimming along together. The amazing photographs were taken in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa by wildlife photographer Mike Korostelev (39), from Moscow, Russia who was only a metre away from the seals at the time. He used a Canon 5d Mark II camera with a fisheye lens to capture these close-up images.

Shoot The Frame competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** The winners and finalists of September’s Shoot the Frame photography competition have been revealed. One winning image, ‘Monsoon Vine On Foliage’ by self-taught photographer Dipanjan Pal, from Kolkata, India, showed a rarely seen Green Vine snake on a leaf, sticking its tongue out into the rain. Another one of the winning snaps, ‘In A World Made Of Steel’, showed a woman at work in a metal factory, captured by photographer Diego Capella, from Palm Beach, USA.  The Shoot the Frame Photo Competition launched in 2012, accepting submissions in wildlife photography, landscapes and portraits. The third winning photo ‘Make Living On Fog Lake At Cold Winter’ by Khanh Bui from Mississauga in Canada, showed a lone boat on a foggy lake in Vietnam, with thin trees reaching up from the water.

Jewish customer threatens restaurant

***EXCLUSIVE*** A swanky new restaurant has shamed a customer who 'threatened' to expose them for 'not catering for Jews' if they did not give back their deposit - as the venue refused to offer a pork alternative on their tasting menu. The new-wave Thai eatery named District, based in Manchester's hip Northern Quarter, were stunned to receive the email earlier this week as the customer claimed to be a restaurant owner themselves. The row erupted when a customer pointed out that they could not eat pork but was refused an alternative on the 15-course tasting menu and refused to be given a deposit refund either.