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Muslim drag queen death threats

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Muslim drag queen cheekily dubs herself 'Val Qaeda' after years of being branded an 'Al Qaeda terrorist' by sick bullies - and shrugs off daily death threats in the hope she inspires others to challenge homophobia. Val, dubbed the 'Bollywood Bombshell in a Burkha', first started drag in 2017 after claiming to have been kicked out of her home for coming out as gay. The 26-year-old claims she was often called a 'terrorist' by cruel bullies and hopes her act, which subverts religious stereotypes, will inspire others in her culture to try drag for the first time.

Britain's strongest disabled man

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHIPPENHAM, UK: This veteran thought his strongman dreams were over when he was diagnosed with MS that left him wheelchair bound – now, he’s Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man. Ex-serviceman Dave Walsh (34), from Chippenham, England, started taking part in strongman competitions after leaving the military in 2012. Quickly falling in love with the sport, Dave set a personal goal – to become the world’s strongest man. However, in 2015, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord, causing fatigue and movement difficulties. As the condition worsened, Dave was forced to stop competing. He fell into a depression and was unsure what to do next. Worried that one of his three children would suffer from the condition too, Dave felt an urge to show them that life isn't over, even with a diagnosis. He reached out to his friend Mark Smith, former Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man, who helped him start competing again. Now nicknamed the 'Sitting Bull', Dave trains around four times per week in the gym – and has even pulled a 20-tonne lorry from his wheelchair. Despite his MS causing him difficulties with grip strength and fatigue, Dave has become incredibly successful in the strongman community, becoming Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man in 2021. In November 2021, he will also compete in the World’s Strongest Disabled Man competition in Iceland – hoping to conquer the prestigious title. Now, Dave aims to spread awareness of the ever-growing world of disabled sports. He has a podcast called The Talking Bull, where disabled athletes appear to talk about their sports and discuss their successes and challenges.

Tourettes epidemic among girls

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum claims her daughter suddenly developed Tourette's syndrome-like 'ticks' at the same time as TWELVE other girls in her college - amid fears it is being 'caught' on social media. Melanie Collins said her daughter Madison Collins' head ticks 'came from nowhere' in January but her symptoms worsened and by June she was hospitalised by a 'frightening' tick spasm attack that left her unable to breathe. The 47-year-old said that after discovering other girls at her 17-year-old daughter's college have also developed similar symptoms as well as others across the country, she's been compelled to speak out on the issue.

Giant St Bernard is flower dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gentle giant St Bernard donned a bow tie and suit so that he could act as a 'flower dog' at a wedding - using his mouth to scatter petals down the aisle ahead of the bride and groom. One-year-old beast Finnick went viral when footage of him dropping fake rose petals from a bucket to the delight of guests at last week's wedding [Oct 9] in New York, US, was shared on social media. The wedding guests gasped in awe as Finnick wandered down the aisle wearing a man's XXL outfit, adjusted to fit his unique frame, that matched the groomsmen.

Chippy owner blasts negative reviews

***EXCLUSIVE*** A ruthless chip shop owner has been praised for offering 'service with a scowl' after hitting back at negative Tripadvisor reviews - even telling one customer to 'stick his unbattered sausage up his ar*e'. Traditional frier The Old Smithy in Ambleside, Cumbria, went viral after a Twitter user shared worker Gary's no-nonsense replies to disgruntled customers' feedback on Tuesday [OCTOBER 12]. When customer Kyle Cullen complained the chippy refused to serve him a battered sausage, Gary, from Windermere, Cumbria, mocked his spelling and told him to 'go back to school, you drop-out' before explaining they only had plain sausages and were closing.