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Home tweet home! Stylist gave the humble bird box a designer makeover

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stylish, sophisticated and stunning, they are surely worthy of a tweet in praise of the interior designer. There’s a neo-classical bathroom with a freestanding tub, a Scandi-rustic lounge with woodburner, a cosy boho snug with a Buddha, and an on-trend ‘cottagecore’ living room with a vintage vibe. Only the mealworms on the floors might deter a celebrity from proudly sharing photos of them on Twitter if they were new additions to their homes. But for the feathered visitors enjoying these luxury bird boxes, the wiggly additions are most welcome — and the height of good taste. The boxes were created ‘for fun’ by Theresa Gromski, a stylist, freelance illustrator and influencer who has nearly 95,000 followers on Instagram.

Beautician who started doing nails in her mum's kitchen now running 'Britain's girliest' multi-million pound business from giant PINK warehouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** Annabel Maginnis, 30, shot to success and became a social media star with over 750,000 followers after her incredible nail art when viral. The determined businesswoman started out ten years ago by booking appointments at her family home where her mum would hand out champagne to customers. Since then she has gone on to open a fairy-tale like salon in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., - which features pink and gold unicorns, flowers and feather-clad chandeliers. Annabel has now expanded her empire as her lucrative business Glitterbels grows by purchasing an eye-catching 55,000 sq ft warehouse - painted bright pink. The massive unit dominating the skyline in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent has led to some locals dubbing it an eyesore. But other residents and Annabel's customers say they love the colourful addition to the drab town centre and heralded Glitterbels as the "girliest business in Britain".

Bakers created this impressive alligator sculpture - crafted entirely out of bread

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bakery in California have gone viral for their incredible alligator sculpture - crafted entirely out of dough. One House Bakery crafted the gator as their entry for the Benicia Main Street scarecrow contest where downtown businesses compete to make the best scarecrow sculpture. Being a bakery, One House, decided to make their sculpture entirely out of dough, producing a life size alligator loaf to try and win over the judges. They're alligator 'Dough-ki' is made of what's known as 'dead dough' which is a form of dough with no yeast mix.

Jam and toast saved my baby's life after docs noticed he was choking when monitoring my blood sugar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum said her son owes his life to a hospital breakfast of jam on toast she ate while in labour -- after it sparked life-saving tests. Robyn Banson-Noond, 31, was in hospital after her waters broke at 32 weeks, but was preparing to go home to let her labour progress naturally, she said. But she tucked into a brekkie of sugary strawberry jam on toast - which caused a huge spike in her blood sugar levels, worrying the docs. Mum Robyn was healthy - but the tests inadvertently revealed unborn son Alexander James Manley was being strangled by his umbilical cord and his heart rate was plunging.

Meet the man who went from playing on his Xbox to boxing in a bid to turn his life around – after being inspired by heavyweight legend Tyson Fury

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jordan Maddison, 26, wanted to be a better dad to his new-born son Harry, now one, but at 21st 10lbs and a size XXXL, struggled to get up from the sofa where he spent most of his time playing video games.  After watching videos of the Gypsy King, Jordan decided he needed to take control of his health – both physical and mental – and headed to the gym to try boxing to kickstart his weight loss.  Jordan even suffered with depression like his idol and struggled with loneliness when his relationship with his son’s mother broke down. He found boxing and running helped to keep his mind focused as he worked to improve his health.  He fell in love with boxing, and credits Fury with helping to turn his life around and lose over 7st.  Now weighing a healthy 15st, Jordan is looking forward to his first boxing match in a couple of weeks, which will be a huge milestone in his journey to better health.

Boy, 5, cancer-free after family raised £232k so he could try experimental vaccine

A boy of five is cancer-free after his family raised £232,000 so he could try an experimental vaccine in the US. Liam Scott and his parents have been flying back and forth to New York for the treatment — which is not available on the NHS. He is in remission and has finally been able to go to school. Now, Liam’s family hopes to bring the vaccine to Britain. Mum Claire said: “He has got so much energy. He’s getting stronger by the day.” She said trying to raise a huge sum while caring for a very sick child was traumatic. But she knows of other parents trying to fund similar treatment for their children and vowed: “I am going to make sure this vaccine gets to the UK.” Liam, of Edenbridge, Kent, spent a year having gruelling treatment for neuroblastoma cancer.

A cracked Chinese vase dismissed as worthless decades ago has sold for £55,500 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A damaged Chinese vase - dismissed as worthless - has sold for tens of thousands of pounds after being spotted by a TV antiques expert. Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons Auctioneers and a familiar face on Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, was called to value objects at the seller’s Cheshire home. However, she didn’t bother to show him the cracked vase, which she’d owned for 25 years, believing it to be of no value. Charles said: “I spotted it on top of her glass cabinet and immediately recognised its potential. Antique Chinese porcelain is highly sought after by wealthy Chinese buyers. They’re keen to repatriate items and honour the country’s rich ceramics heritage.

Rare 500-year-old prayer roll 'has close connections to Norfolk priory where fragment of Christ's crucifixion cross was kept'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare 500-year-old prayer roll has close connections to a Norfolk priory where a fragment of the cross on which Jesus was crucified was believed to have been kept, reveals a new study. The "magnificent" metre-long artefact exposes the extent of Catholic devotion in England during the 16th Century before Henry VIII’s break with Rome and the Protestant reformation, say historians. The illuminated prayer roll, which is 13 centimetres (5.1 inches) wide, is believed to be among only a few dozen still in existence worldwide. Now in private hands and previously unknown, experts say itl provides fresh insights into Christian pilgrimage, and the cult of the Cross before Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries. Examination of the ancient roll’s illustrations and text, including religious verse in both English and Latin, were published in the Journal of the British Archaeological Association.