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Giant boobs drop 21 cup sizes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wedding photographer whose enormous FOUR STONE size P boobs were the 'biggest doctors had ever seen' was forced to crowdfund £8,000 to go under the knife and drop 21 CUP SIZES - as the NHS 'rejected' her. Laura Howes, from Seghill, Tyne and Wear,  crowdfunded £8,000 to undergo breast reduction surgery privately and said the stunned surgeon who conducted the op claimed they were 'the biggest boobs he'd ever seen'. The 28-year-old's breasts were so large the surgeon needed a nurse to help him hold her massive mammaries in place while drawing on pre-op markings in pen.

Fat face allergic reaction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A horrified admin assistant suffered such a severe allergic reaction to hair dye that her entire head swelled so badly she looked like a 'Fat B*stard lookalike' from Austin Powers. Kelly Kruppner, from Brockport, New York, US, got her naturally red hair professionally-dyed dark brown on Sunday 24 October for a change, after dying it years earlier without a problem. But the 26-year-old woke up the following night to discover her face and head had ballooned, making her almost unrecognisable to her gobsmacked husband, Brandon Sprague, 24.

Swimming with whales

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIAN OCEAN: A beautiful image has captured a woman swimming with a sperm whale in the Indian Ocean. In the image, a woman is seen swimming alongside a 90,000-pound sperm whale. Another image showed a whale pod bumping their heads into each other. These amazing pictures were taken in the Indian Ocean by wildlife photographer Mike Korostelev (39), from Moscow, Russia who was only five metres away from the whales at the time. He used a Canon 5d Mark II camera with a fisheye lens to capture these close-up images.

Astronaut captures biggest Auroras of current mission

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet captured on 4 Nov, 2021, what he says are the biggest auroras the current International Space Station (ISS) mission has experienced. The European Space Agency (ESA) spaceman explained: „We were treated to the strongest auroras of the entire mission, over north America and Canada. Amazing spikes higher than our orbit, and we flew right above the centre of the ring, rapid waves and pulses all over.”

UK worst hotel insult

***EXCLUSIVE*** A horrified holidaymaker discovered what he believes were BLOOD and URINE stains in the bed at 'the UK's worst seaside hotel' - only to be 'insulted' when Britannia offered a discount if he CAME BACK. Paul Deery spent three nights at the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton last month where he claims the 'horrendous' room had not been cleaned due to the 'unmade' bed, tobacco remains on the table and pubic hair in the bath. The 39-year-old was so appalled that he and his friend, Paul Mallon, 40, felt compelled to take COVID tests - which came back negative - as they felt so disgusted by the experience.