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Seven-year-old boy raises over £10,000 for terminally ill little brother after running, walking and cycling the circumference of the moon - TWICE

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seven-year-old boy has raised over £10,000 for his terminally ill little brother after walking, running, cycling and swimming the circumference of the MOON - twice. Harry Byrne has spent the last three months covering more than 13,500 miles with the help of a team of dedicated 'moon trekkers', for his little brother Reuben, two. Reuben was born with a condition that causes his brain to deteriorate and so rare it doesn’t have a name yet - and there are fewer than 20 recorded cases worldwide. Doting brother Harry often tells his younger brother he loves him "to the moon and back", and wanted to prove it by travelling the circumference of the moon - a feat that he remarkably managed twice.

Back to the Future hoverboard and 'Wilson' from Cast Away sell at auction among hundreds of items sold in enormous film memorabilia auction

A film and TV memorabilia auction has raised nearly £6m - with iconic items sold including Wilson 'the ball' from Cast Away and the Hoverboard used in Back to the Future. Hundreds of bidders from around the world took part in Prop Store’s live auction via phone and online. The hoverboard, from the cult 1980s classic starring Michael J. Fox, topped the price charts and fetched an astonishing £375,000 ($506,250) in bidding. Wilson, a major figure in the Tom Hanks 2000 landmark film, also fetched an impressive £287,500 ($388,125).

Luxury hotel in Turkey 'floats' above world’s largest intact mosaic

A luxury hotel in Turkey is also home to an ancient mosaic and the largest intact example ever excavated. The 9,000 square-foot mosaic was discovered eleven years ago during the construction of a new hotel in Antakya. Archaeologists at the site believe the geometric work once decorated the floor of a public building in the previous city of Antioch, one of the most important cities in the Seleucid Empire. The city was the center of conflicts between empires in the period of the mosaic's creation. The Sassanians, the Rashidun Caliphate, and the Byzantines all held control at various times. The mosaic existed by 526 CE, a period of Byzantine rule in the city. This date is known because it was the first of two earthquakes which visibly rippled the mosaic. Although vast segments of the original mosaic are still intact, others have rippled and disappeared due to the earthquakes in 526 and 528 A.D. Archaeologists have been collaborating with architects to preserve the ancient work during the construction of now aptly named Museum Hotel Antakya. A platform connected to structural columns now hovers above the mosaic and specified viewing points were constructed as a way to let visitors view the masterwork below. The oldest intact mosaic is not the hotel's only famous attraction, though - special windows also allow for viewing St. Pierre, the nearby cave-church built by the Crusaders.

A great great grandmother, who has just celebrated her 109th birthday carried on going to the gym to do kick boxing until she was 103 and only stopped on doctor’s orders

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great great grandmother, who has just celebrated her 109th birthday carried on going to the gym to do kick boxing until she was 103 and only stopped on doctor’s orders. Merah Smith, who was born in 1912, the same year the Titanic sunk, celebrated her birthday at her flat in South London surrounded by friends and family. The God-fearing centenarian is believed to be the oldest woman in London. Despite her age, the former nurse, who is originally from Jamaica and goes by the name of Louise, exercised at her local gym every week until she turned 103.

Retired teacher is fuming after she was evicted from her prestigious £15,000 beach hut amid a row with locals over parking, dog poo and loos

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman was evicted from her ‘pride and joy’ £35k beach hut after rows with neighbours over parking and a public toilet.  Michele Spicer was devastated to find her beloved waterfront beach hut had been moved and the locks changed following months of conflict with neighbours over parking and a public toilet.  The mum-of-two, from Worthing, West Sussex, bought the hut in nearby Goring-by-Sea last year to create a ‘mermaid haven’ for herself following a stressful divorce. But but after just 18 months she was turfed out following accusations of ‘antisocial behaviour’ by neighbours.

How renovating a Victorian train carriage in Dungeness into a seaside cottage uncovered a fascinating history

***EXCLUSIVE*** A converted rail carriage turned out to be the perfect seaside escape from graphic designer Frances Herrod’s small south London flat. Her coastal dream was a bit different: a converted rail carriage on the shingles of Dungeness, set in the shadow of a nuclear power station. The patchwork of homes on the 468-acre beach at Dungeness has evolved over centuries. As far back as 1617, makeshift wooden fishermen’s cabins were being built there. In 1883, a railway station opened. During the Twenties, Southern Railway offered staff the chance to buy redundant Victorian railway carriages and haul them onto the shingles for use as makeshift holiday homes. Frances bought her house from the granddaughter of one of these original owners, who had extended it with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

A pair of bear cubs have a tug of war over a fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Each year, Alaskan Brown bear cubs wait for the arrival of the salmon which return to the streams where they were born in order to spawn. They have a varying diet dependent on the time of year which can include berries, grass and even other bears. Lawyer Dave Fleishman captured pictures of the siblings in Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA.

A couple renovating their new home were stunned to find a 68 year old television set dating back to the Queen’s 1953 coronation

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple renovating their new home were stunned to find a 68 year old television set dating back to the Queen’s 1953 coronation. Amy Lockwood and Jamie Jenkins found the dusty old 14 inch Ferguson 992T in the attic while renovating their new home in Kent. They think the set, which was once described as a “big screen”, was bought to watch the Coronation. After posting a picture online, the couple received more than 100 messages, with many people remembering watching the Queen’s special day on a similar machine.

Rebellious Lord Mayor's house

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: YOU COULD live in the pad once home to John Ireton who was famously knighted by Oliver Cromwell and once imprisoned in the Tower of London - for just £4 million. This gorgeous London townhouse dates back to the 1600s, when it stood as one house, combined with its neighbours - and housed John Ireton, Lord Mayor of London. Knighted by Oliver Cromwell, Ireton was the brother of the famous Henry Ireton, Cromwell's son-in-law and general in the War of the Three Kingdoms. In 1660 he was briefly imprisoned in the Tower of London for crimes during the Civil War and again in 1685 for seditious practices - until his death in 1689. Lyndale House is situated in the sought-after area of Highgate, the neighbourhood has long been a haunt of the wealthy and powerful, with neighbouring houses having connections to King Charles II. The Queen Anne-style home is part of a terrace known as ?the Bank,? and is considered to be one of the finest homes of the period. With five bedrooms, a large dining room and a wine cellar, the luxurious home certainly is reminiscent of royalty. The stunningly regal home provides a slice of luxury in the north of London, with easy access to the centre of the city. Listed by Sotheby?s, the manor is available for £4 million.

Pelicans squabble over fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A crowd of pelicans squabble over fish. Every year, around 100 birds travel to Lake Kerkini in Central Macedonia, Greece, to feast. The Dalmatian pelicans, which have a wingspan of over three metres long, jump in the air and their beaks clash as they fight. Each morning, they gather as the run rises with the snow topped mountain looming behind.

Golden fishing nets

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman checks a large net on a river in the golden dawn sunlight. The huge net, attached to four bamboo poles, is lowered underwater before being lifted with a winch operated from the shore. After the net is pulled up a worker then takes a canoe under and lifts the small fish and shrimp into their boat through an exit door in the net. The photos were taken by photographer Vo Van Tien near the ancient city of Hoi An in the Quang Nam province of central Vietnam.

Martian-like landscape with flamingos

***EXCLUSIVE*** Flamingos fly in single file over a Martian-like landscape. Lake Bogoria in the Rift Valley, Kenya, gushed dark red muddy water after heavy rainfall as the birds swoop overhead. A hyena attempted to attack the flock, but they managed to escape. The aerial shots were taken by Italian wildlife photographer Roberto Marchegiani using a drone.

Giddy-up gazelle

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: This gazelle sprung into action when it was surprised by a sneaky cheetah in Kenya. In one image, the 140-pound cheetah can be seen pouncing towards a surprised 160-pound gazelle. Another image showed the cheetah sinking its teeth into the gazelle’s throat. This amazing hunt was captured by retiree Joanne Matson (71) from Colorado, USA in Masai Mara National Reserve. Joanne used a Canon R5 with Canon 100-500 mm lens to capture these images from five metres away. The cheetah captured is a part of a coalition of five cheetah’s in the Kenyan national reserve.

Stag scratching

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stag pauses by a tree stump shaped like a finger and uses it to scratch an itch. The unusually-shaped log looked as if it was making a rude gesture to the red deer stag but it served as a handy scratching post for the animal. The majestic creature with huge antlers was photographed satisfying the itch in Richmond Park, London.