Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Dog eats owners knickers

***EXCLUSIVE*** This cheeky cockapoo is forced to wear a bandana of shame' that declares he is a 'knicker snatcher' - after humiliating his mum when she had to fork out £250 at the vets as he scoffed her THONG. Helen Morgan had already been forced to keep the family's socks at a height after her beloved Charlie Bear chomped on them and was rushed to the vets when younger. But 42-year-old Helen never imagined the mischievous three-year-old pooch would have craving for her underwear too - diving into the washing basket and grabbing out her cotton thong.

Student too British for prank

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baffled student 'summed up being British' when he innocently allowed his prankster barber to slowly drench him with water spray in 'preparation' for his haircut - but was 'too polite' to say a word. George Fairbrass was secretly filmed by 25-year-old Tay Biserov during a visit to his barber shop in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, but the owner’s cunning plans were thwarted by his steely reluctance to complain. Footage shows Tay begin spraying the 300ml bottle onto the 19-year-old's head mid-haircut, but he keeps pumping out water for a ridiculous 30 seconds.

Kingfisher knocks pal off branch

***EXCLUSIVE*** This bird-brained kingfisher appeared so excited to 'hug' its pal that it accidentally flew into the other bird at 25mph - sending them both crashing off a branch. Dr Rahul Lakhmani, 30, was testing his new camera on his terrace in New Delhi, India, when he spotted a white throated kingfisher perched on a tree in the distance. Hilarious footage shows how the previously relaxed bird spread its wings and opened its beak at some apparent impending doom - before another kingfisher slammed straight into it 'like two friends hugging after lockdown'.

Mars in sunset illusion

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment Mars appeared to almost collide with Earth - but is in fact a grandad's photos of 'the most spectacular sunset ever'. Wayne Painter spotted the 'impressive' 20km-wide lenticular cloud over Tasmania, Australia, two weeks ago, which turned a striking bright red as the sun was setting. The 70-year-old then rushed back out to capture pictures of the 'huge' formation, before viewers pointed out it looked like a 'dragon's head' or even the Red Planet having come too close.