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Death-defying body mods

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world?s most body modified athlete has had parts of his flesh removed and has almost DIED for his extreme look ? but he?s not stopping there. Tattoographer Karan (32) is a tattoo artist and world-record holding body-modified athlete from New Delhi, India, who has taken his love of body modification to the extreme by undergoing gruelling scarification reminiscent of Wolverine-style slashes, without anaesthetic. After initially hitting the headlines in 2019 for his full-body tattoos, Karan legally changed his name to Tattoographer Karan and went ahead with several more procedures ? including the famously painful scarification. Karan now claims to have the most extensive scarification in India, and worldwide, he holds records for the most body-modifications of any athlete. The procedure involves removing layers of skin to create a scar in a specific design ? which Karan did without any anaesthesia. His new scars were made on his chest and back by artist Rishabh Narang ? 14-inches long on his back and 16-inches long on chest. Karan?s previous procedures include metal teeth implants, surgically modified ears, and a full body tattoo ? including his genitals and the soles of his feet. Another extreme step Karan has taken was to have implants inserted under his scalp to change the appearance of his head shape. This surgery almost had deadly consequences, as midway through the surgery, Karan lost too much blood and was certain that he would die. Luckily, Dr. Swaroop reacted quickly and was able to control the bleeding and save Karan?s life. Instead of scaring him away from body modification, it left Karan even more sure that his look is right for him. Now he uses his extreme look to make a splash in the bodybuilding world, even winning a Guinness World Record for being the most modified athlete. Despite the pain of the procedures, Karan has no regrets about his unique look, and still plans to go under the needle again.

Three men and a baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** RINGSTED, DENMARK: This polyamorous dad has shared how trolls think that his relationship with two married men will make their son GAY.  Pastry chef Jimmi Pedersen (38) from Ringsted, Denmark, came out as gay in 2018 after splitting with the mother-of-his-child when their son Noah (now 4) was one year old.  Shortly after coming out as gay, Jimmi came across an interesting profile on the app Grindr - Kim (45) and Jesper (46), a married couple looking to expand their relationship.  Intrigued, Jimmi searched the internet and found polyamory - romantic and sexual relationships that exist between more than two people.  After talking to Kim and Jesper, Jimmi found himself falling for them, and became their boyfriend.  Noah, who is in kindergarten, is more than happy with the arrangement, and all of his teachers at school are accepting and understanding.  But while Noah loves what he calls his ‘bonus dads’, Jimmi’s ex-girlfriend - and Noah’s mother - is less accepting.

Bodybuilding grandmother

***EXCLUSIVE*** ELKO, NEVADA, USA: Personal trainer Wendy Levra (42) from Elko, Nevada started bodybuilding professionally as a rebellious phase. Wendy is now a professional bodybuilder with 15 inch biceps, 24¾ quads and a 37 inch chest. Wendy joined the gym at 35 as she felt she had gained too much weight for her short frame at the time when her regular trainer told her she should consider competing. When she told her then-husband of this he laughed at her, and pissed her off, setting her down the path of national competitions and glory. Wendy started training hard and competed in her first competition a year later, and came in second place in Utah Classic. After her first competition, Wendy realised what she had initiated as a goof-off could be made into an actual lifestyle and career. She took some time off competing and built her frame, as at the time Wendy had giant legs and a small upper body. Wendy?s path to national competitions was a long and hard road spanning several years. She left her job in insurance to become a personal trainer and divorced her husband, and found a man that is her rock in her bodybuilding lifestyle.

Student embraces birthmarked body

***EXCLUSIVE*** A student whose body is COVERED in distinctive birthmarks and tumour-like growths has finally 'embraced' her unique appearance after enduring years of painful laser treatment trying to get rid of them. Freya Wickes, from central London, was born with a rare condition that means she is covered in congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN), which are pigmented benign, tumour-like malformations. The 19-year-old has faced heartless bullying her entire life as a result of her unique appearance, with cruel trolls branding her facial birthmarks 'spots'.

Fast food addict sheds 10 stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fast food 'addict' who guzzled £7,000 of takeaways a year has shed more than TEN stone and is boldly telling the 'popular kids' who mocked her at school to 'please do one' instead of following her on social media. Scarlet Black topped the scales at 25 stone but 'life-changing' gastric sleeve surgery means she bee able to finally wear a bikini for the FIRST TIME in her life. The 25-year-old said she'd always been a chubby child but being called 'fatty' and singled out because her clothes didn't fit properly at school made her feel 'horrible' and insecure of her larger frame.

The Apple Car

The Apple Car has mostly been a concept limited to speculation and rumors, with minimal information released regarding product design and launch dates and even no confirmation that they are developing their own electric vehicle. In turn, fans have resorted to looking at patents Apple recently filed to inform their own conclusions. In absence of any further details, a team at Vanarama has taken matters into their own hands and designed a concept car &x201c;using genuine patents filed by Apple Inc.&x201d; Filling in the blanks, Vanarama has recreated the possible aesthetic of what Apple's futuristic car might look like through an interactive 3D model.In the past, media sources such as Reuters have confirmed that the tech company is looking to build its own autonomous vehicle.

Ireland in colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUBLIN, IRELAND: Old Ireland has been brought into the 21st century as newly colourised pictures are released in the book The Colour of Ireland. One of the pictures shows how the world of journalism used to look, with dedicated typesetters working on linotype machines at the Waterford News in 1938. Another of the images shows the Tipperary Hurling Team, at Clonmel Train Station in August 1910. Hurling is an ancient Gaelic sport which combines aspects of American football, hockey and cricket, with players aiming to hit a ball over a goal using an ash stick. The pictures have been released as part of a new Black and White Publishing book, The Colour of Ireland: County by County 1860-1960 by Rob Cross. The book explores the landscapes, both physical and social, of Ireland over the course of a hundred years.

Rude Costa Coffee cup

***EXCLUSIVE*** A carer was left red-faced after discovering Costa Coffee cups that appeared to feature a gingerbread man 'having a HAPPY ENDING'. Claire Fletcher was enjoying Bake Off with postman partner Trevor Brown earlier this month [November 9th] when they paused the show on a Costa advert while he went to get a drink. The pair, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, glanced at the screen and burst out laughing when they spotted the coffee chain's Christmas gingerbread cup at an awkward angle - making the sweet treat's arm look like a penis.

Sleazy Linkedin messages

***EXCLUSIVE*** A businesswoman has slammed LinkedIn for not doing enough to stop sleazy users - after she was inundated with 'inappropriate' messages and followers when she deliberately shared a photo of her cleavage. Maddy Alexander-Grout, from Shirley, Southampton, ran the cheeky 'experiment' by sharing a photo of herself wearing makeup and a slightly low-cut top on the professional platform on Sunday to mark a milestone in her parenting advice app business. The 38-year-old admits the photo was a pre-meditated 'test' to prove that women are sexualised even in a professional capacity, where it is 'even more inappropriate'.

Bird revelation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible Bird portraits have been released in a new book by one of Britain?s most iconic wildlife photographers. In one image, a Toco Toucan looks down its beak directly at the camera capturing its colourful profile. Another image shows, the side profile of an exquisite Knobbed Hornbill. These pictures were captured by internationally acclaimed photographer Tim Flach for his new book BIRDS, with text by Richard O. Prum. Flach has captured more than 180 extraordinary photographs of some of Earth?s most magnetic living beings. In his book, BIRDS Flach evokes the magnificence of the animal kingdom?and the urgent need to protect and defend it.

Cheeky drivers parking backfires

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cheeky motorist who deliberately parked on faded double yellow lines for FIVE YEARS wants his local council to compensate him for 'stress' after his stunt finally backfired - when he was slapped with more than £400 in fines. David Lamprell believes he's been taking advantage of a legal loophole to squeeze his car into a 'gap' in the markings opposite his Southend-on-Sea, Essex, home, but recently he's been inundated with tickets. Images taken by keen-eyed traffic wardens show the 39-year-old's Ford Fiesta parked on a small patch where two double yellow lines have faded, despite them being clearly painted on either side of the vehicle.