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Right wing body mods

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: Leftist trolls are driving this Trump supporting ?Right wing-hippy? up the wall by insisting he must in fact be WOKE like them simply because he has facial modifications. Gun-control hating Desmond Vaughn (24), an industrial electrician from Florida, USA, was inspired to start his own body modification journey when he saw a man on a motorbike who had stretched ears. Desmond loves his extreme look but is tired of people online and in person assuming that he?s a communist or an anarchist because he ?doesn?t look right wing.' This has led Desmond to be extremely forthcoming about his right-leaning views. ?I call myself what I do for two reasons ? half of it for clickbait, and half of it to make sure people don?t get the wrong idea,? said Desmond. ?I?m right-sided in my views, but not all of them. ?If we?re talking Biblical, I would prefer to live the same way Adam and Eve did ? I?d say I?m a nudist. ?I?m not in favour of any wars either, whether necessary or not  but I believe in the second amendment (right to bear arms) strongly. ?Because of my look, people have reached out and tried to get me on certain websites that I don?t agree with. I don?t agree with anarchists or communists, so I don?t want to be misread to be on that side of things. "I've lost friends for supporting the previous president of the United States, getting the usual comments of being a bigot or a racist - which is false. ?I just want to do my own thing.? When he turned 16, Desmond began to clash with his parents over his unique style ? he would pierce his nose and ears, and when his parents took his jewellery away, he would steal ear stretchers to keep the process going. Now 24, Desmond has had an extensive list of body modifications done ? his lips, cheek and philtrum have all been stretched, his ears have been stretched to INCHES, and he has had black ink injected into his right eyeball.

Dress fit for Hagrid

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baffled Nasty Gal customer was left with a giant frock 'fit for Hagrid' when a maxi dress she bought online to look like a glam fortune teller was so enormous it hilariously swamped her petite size 12 frame. Demileigh Moore decided to buy the oversized maxi dress in a size 12 last month to wear to a costume party but was stunned when she tried it on and realised just how enormous it was. Hilarious snaps show the nail and lash technician wearing the £12 cotton gown with the neckline skimming her belly button and the sleeves drooping over her fingertips.

Lion plays tug of war

***EXCLUSIVE*** These tour guides got more than they bargained for when they found themselves playing tug of war with a playful LION. Jabulani Salinda was leading a tour through Baobab Ridge Game Lodge, South Africa, on November 18 when his truck became stuck, so he tied rope to the front for a lift. Hilarious footage shows a male lion grab onto the cord before Jabulani can pull it back in, tugging at the loose end persistently while the safari guests laugh in the background.

Bubbles in ice

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: Spell-binding pictures have been released showing how illuminated bubbles get trapped under layers of ice. One of the photos shows a cluster of bright green bubbles under a frozen lake in the Canadian Rockies at night, a dark figure silhouetted in the distance. Another of the photos shows bright white bubbles frozen under the vibrant turquoise of the lake in the Rockies, two men playing hockey on the ice. The photos were captured in British Columbia by Paul Zizka (42) from Banff, Canada, on a Canon R5 camera.

Eight vodkas measuring fail

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bar worker of 15 years couldn't understand why she was 'stone cold sober' after downing EIGHT vodkas - only to realise she got the measurements wrong and was having tiny 2.5ml shots thinking they were 25ml. Kelly Windebank was having a night in with her friend Marie earlier this month [10 NOV] and grabbed a nearby Calpol syringe to measure out the spirit as she was counting her calories. But three hours into their evening the 36-year-old couldn't understand how she didn't feel drunk - with the penny finally dropping only when she realised she'd actually been using a 5ml syringe not a 50ml one.

Great white jaws

***EXCLUSIVE*** GUADELOUPE ISLAND, MEXICO: The spitting image of the legendary sea monster Jaws has been captured nearly exactly as depicted in the iconic posters of the hit movie from 1975. The poster-worthy picture shows a 13-foot-long great white shark - known as Nicole - swimming up towards the surface in a pose that mimics the iconic movie Jaws. Another of the snaps shows a sub-adult great white shark called Bergvall, who is about 11-feet-long, twisted around to face the camera, almost grinning at the photographer. The pictures were taken from just six feet away by the co-founder of Be A Shark Adventure Travel, Nikki Brant Sevy (51) from Salt Lake City, USA. She captured the snaps at Guadeloupe Island in Mexico on a Nikon D500 camera with a  17-70-millimetre lens in a Nauticam dive housing.

Naughty dog food coma

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dog owner was 'fuming' after staging a bedside vigil for her 'dying' pooch - only to discover the mischievous mutt was simply in a 'food coma' after secretly helping himself to the entire box of 35 Dental Chews. Charlie Oliver spent an entire day fretting that seven-month-old Spud had eaten something poisonous after he vomited twice and was left 'listless' on November 10. It was only when the 28-year-old, from Northampton, Northamptonshire, discovered empty packets of the dog treats that she clocked on to the source of her cocker spaniel's tummy troubles.

Lioness warthog lunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZAMBEZI NATIONAL ZOO, ZIMBABWE: Horrifying images of two LIONESSES munching on a WARTHOG have been captured in Zimbabwe. One image shows a 330-lioness with a warthog head in her mouth. Another image shows a lioness ripping into her meal. These amazing images were taken in Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe by wildlife photographer Shafeeq Mulla (23). Shafeeq used a Canon 90d with a 100 to 600mm Tamron G2 lens to capture these images from 20 metres away.