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Elderly couple cover their entire house in dazzling Christmas decorations six weeks early for charity

A couple have covered their entire house in Christmas decorations – despite it still being six weeks until the big day. Every year for charity, Helen and John Attlesey light up their house in Soham, Cambs. And although there will be no big switch-on event this year due to Covid, the couple have still gone all out to get into the festive spirit. Light-up snowmen and Santas can be seen at the front of the house while a row of glowing Christmas trees greets guests at the side. Stars, bells and jingle balls are also heavily featured in the display, which Helen and John briefly lit up for an early trial switch-on. Their 2020 display raised £12,895.57 last year – more than double the previous year’s total – for three charities close to the couple’s hearts. The money was divided between three charities who have helped their grandson: East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Dreamflight, who take a group of children to Disneyland each year.

Vegan who refused Covid jab because it was tested on animals dies of virus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dedicated animal lover who had refused to take the COVID-19 vaccination in a stand against animal testing has died from the virus after a two week battle in intensive care. Glynn Steel, 54, from Malvern died in hospital on November 16th after having begged nurses for the vaccination, unfortunately too late. Glynn, who was a field service engineer passed away just two months before his 55th birthday, leaving his heartbroken wife Emma grieving and 'constantly in tears'. Intending to retire on his birthday, Glynn had hoped to spend more time travelling and looking after animals - as was his passion.

Remarkable collection of spirits amassed by businessman who never touched a drop sells for £61,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man's impressive collection of spirits has sold for £61,000 at auction. Clarence West began collecting bottles of booze in 1971 after deciding to build a bar in the corner of the dining room and despite hardly touching a drop. Over the next 50-years, Mr West grew his collection to around 600 bottles, including whisky, cognac, rum, gin, vodka and brandy. After he sadly passed away last year at the age of 79, Mr West's family contacted drinks auctioneers Whisky.Auction. Part of the collection, around 400 bottles, has now sold for a sobering £61,000, much to the family's surprise. While the life-long business man would have been delighted with the outcome, he had never planned to make money out of his bottles, his wife Rita says.

Wireless 3D-printed wearable device can track health and body function

A team of U.S engineers has developed a wireless wearable device that may never need a charge, is custom-made to fit individuals and could mean massive improvements in the monitoring and treatment of diseases, the testing of new drugs and the ability to track personal health. Wearable sensors to monitor everything from step count to heart rate are nearly ubiquitous. But for scenarios such as measuring the onset of frailty in older adults, promptly diagnosing deadly diseases, testing the efficacy of new drugs or tracking the performance of professional athletes, medical-grade devices are needed. University of Arizona engineers have developed a type of wearable they call a ''biosymbiotic device,'' which has several unprecedented benefits. Not only are the devices custom 3D-printed and based on body scans of wearers, but they can operate continuously using a combination of wireless power transfer and compact energy storage.

Bird Photographer of the Year

***EXCLUSIVE*** This shot of an Oxpecker perched on a buffalo's nose has clinched a British snapper top prize in an international competition. Scot Alan Jones beat off more than 1,700 others to win the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Bird Photographer of the Year in aid of the RSPB. Other prize-winning pics included a heron tussling with a weasel, a baby penguin waddling in the Antarctic and a kite and a buzzard coming to blows over a dead pheasant. But the overall winner was the shot of the Red-billed Oxpecker sitting on the nose of a buffalo as it drank.

A rare doll depicting the Queen as a baby, which her mum considered to be “too chubby”, has been sold at auction for £930

***EXCLUSIVE*** The “charming doll”, created by German toy maker Schoenau & Hoffmeister, didn’t receive royal approval when it was produced in the 1920s due to the Queen mum’s dislike of it. As such, it was not a big seller when it was first released and later became a rare item among contemporary collectors. But at the auction, organised by Special Auction Services in Sheffield, the replica doll eclipsed its guide price of £500-800, after finally being sold for £930.

A skeleton of a new dinosaur species has been discovered in Missouri - after paleontologists spent 15 years excavating the site

***EXCLUSIVE*** A skeleton of a new dinosaur species has been discovered in Missouri - after paleontologists spent 15 years excavating the site. Curator Guy Darrough, 70, found the remains of the reptile at an undisclosed site earlier this year. Experts later confirmed they were bones of a juvenile Parrosaurus Missouriensis - a dinosaur never to have been identified before. Prior to Guy's crew's major discovery of almost a full dinosaur's skeletal system they'd also found a variety of other fossils. During their many years working on the Missouri site fossils of turtles, crocodilians and fish have been uncovered, along with the tooth of a relative of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

A couple who were childhood sweethearts have reunited 37 years later after meeting the day he left his wife

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who were childhood sweethearts have reunited 37 years later after meeting the day he left his wife. These childhood sweethearts have finally gotten together after 37 years apart, reuniting the day after he moved out from his wife. Tammy Westwood, 51, and Garry Pepperman, 54, ignited a passion when they got together as teens in 1981. For three years, the youngsters sneaked out to snog in the carpark every Sunday at a local community social club in Redbridge, London, where they lived round the corner from each other and attended the same school. The young loves drifted apart when they outgrew the club, finally reuniting as friends on Facebook in 2004. Once before, they locked eyes in a longing stare on a chance encounter at a petrol station in 1989, and Garry mouthed “it's only ever been you” before they went their separate ways.

Bear performs the Bare Necessities dance like Baloo in the Jungle Book

***EXCLUSIVE*** The eight month old cub seemed to do a little a dance after its protective mother had scared off a large male that may have killed her two offspring had he got the chance. Keen amateur photographer Peter Bradley snapped the scene at Silver Salmon Creek in Alaska, USA.

Drummers lit up by 6,000 LED lights for a one off show

***EXCLUSIVE*** The illuminating and electrifying street theatre group Spark! preforming on behalf of Hat Fair, which is the UK’s longest continually running festival of outdoor arts, at this years Winchester Cathedral's Christmas market, Hants. Shoppers to the Christmas market were dazzled with a one off display last night (25th November). Spark! is a street theatre show performed by five characters that combines high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting design. Their outfits consist of 20,000 sequins and 6,000 LED lights are used as part of the illuminations.

Children dressed ready for their performance in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** The children are dressed as Lord Krishna – a Hindu god – to perform a traditional dance as part of the colourful Raas Leela festival in Bangladesh. The festival is a celebration of the divine love of Krishna and the goddess Radha who dance together in Hindu scripture. Thousands of people travel across the country in order to celebrate the festival which also sees neighbours bringing food to each other’s houses. Photographer Joy Saha captured images in the Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh.

An American Bald eagle resembles an angel as it ruffles its feathers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Perched on a tree, the bird overlooks the salmon steams of the Big Qualicum River on the eastern side of Vancouver Island, Canada. The bird of prey keeps an eye out for an 'easy meal' - which can often involve them ruthlessly attacking a gull to steal its prey. Wayne Duke, a retired firefighter and semi-professional wildlife photographer of 20 years, lives on Vancouver Island in Canada which is a 'photographer's dream'. The 72 year old said: "I have been taking eagle photos for some 16 years, from eggs in the nest, the mum incubating and the eaglets hatching out and watching them grow until they fledge the nest.

Worker harvests coal silhouetted against sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers burn piles of wood to create charcoal as the sunlight shines behind their silhouettes. In the Transylvanian hills near the Romanian village of Biertan, men shovel straw and sand over pyramids of burning wood. As the wood burns away it breaks down into charcoal, ready for people's barbecues and fireplaces.