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Tattooed mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum-of-two has slammed security who follow her in shops because of her extreme tattoos and other parents who cross the road to avoid her. Alternative model Amy Smith (23) from Leicester has been getting tattoos since the age of just 13. After starting with hand-poked DIY tattoos, Amy managed to get her hands on a tattoo gun - and her love of the art form hasn?t died down. Now a mother of two boys, Elijah (6) and Remy (1), Amy faces an added layer of judgement through being a heavily tattooed parent. Amy claims that security guards follow her in shops, and other parents cross the road to keep her away from their children. She feels extra pressure from people who believe that women should look stereotypically feminine - especially as a mum and has even been told that she ?shouldn?t look like that.? Her oldest child has become particularly protective over his mum, as he notices when strangers? comments upset her - he even draws his own tattoo designs for Amy to cheer her up.

Joe Exotic lookalike

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Joe Exotic lookalike claims he was mistaken for the Tiger King so often that he eventually decided to embrace being his 'double' - now dressing up and even pretending to be the star while out in public. Steve Kneeshaw said that when the hit Netflix show was released last March he was suddenly bombarded with people telling him he looked the spitting image of the series' controversial star. The 51-year-old bought a mullet wig and a baseball cap as a joke but when he wore the attire to a football match he was 'bombarded' for selfies and even asked by convinced onlookers how he'd escaped from prison.

Curly hair blackfishing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A betting shop worker has hit back at 'ignorant' online trolls who accuse her of 'blackfishing' because of her naturally curly hair, plump lips and fake tan. Robyn Warren, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, is often told she looks 'racially ambiguous' by online commenters despite both of her parents being white Brits. The 22-year-old is slammed for having lip filler and wearing fake tan and even accused of having a perm, as trolls say she is attempting to change her natural features to appear mixed race.

Wedding Photography Awards 2021

***EXCLUSIVE*** The winners of the 5th International Wedding Photographer of the Year have been announced - see the heart-warming snaps here. The winning entry from Fabio Mirulla shows the bride-to-be preparing for her big day, with a craftily placed lamp providing a silhouette resembling a wedding gown. Photographer duo Andrew and Bec landed the runner-up prize with their entry, showing a couple in full formalwear as they traversed mountain peaks. The International Photography Awards are sponsored by Canon Australia and received over 1,500 submissions this year. Overall winner Fabio Mirulla will receive prizes from the event?s sponsors, valued at approximately £6,500 ? plus the glory of the Wedding Photographer of the Year title.

Racist Airbnb renter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A host has slammed Airbnb after they refused to remove the review of a 'racist' renter, who had branded him a 'dumb n****r' in acid-tongued messages. Terry Harris let out his home for three nights to a woman called Sarah*, her husband and two children earlier this month. Within hours of them arriving, the real estate investor said he was bombarded with more than 20 phone calls and texts from the nightmare renter.

Mum of 8 weight loss

***EXCLUSIVE*** NICEVILLE, USA: This mum-of-eight has shared how she lost ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-POUNDS in just one year by intermittent fasting - after being ditched by friends who said her weight meant she didn’t fit in. Stay-at-home-mum Katie Silva (42) from Niceville, USA, started gaining weight after the birth of her fourth child Ethan (18), in 2003. Katie had six of her children in the space of nine years, being affected by postpartum depression and turning to food for comfort. With so many young children to look after, Katie found it hard to get out and active, so she continued to gain weight until she reached a total of 24-stone.

Queen Victoria’s nightie expected to sell for thousands at auction

A voluminous nightdress and chemise belonging to Queen Victoria are expected to sell for thousands of pounds at auction. The 141-year-old night garments, which have been authenticated by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, were given to a maid who served the royal family in the 1800s. The seller Hilary Aston, 79, a retired former language school owner from Oxford, said: This nightdress was given to me by my uncle and aunt before they died. My uncle was Hubert Noel Charles [1893-1982] who designed the first MG motorcar. The nightdress belonged to his parents, his father being a well-known London solicitor, Thomas Charles. The Charles family employed several staff, one being a maid who had previously worked for the Royal Household of Queen Victoria. When she left her employment, she was given the nightwear as a gift.

Storm Arwen snowscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** PEAK DISTRICT, UK: This photographer has captured the rare beauty of a perfect snowscape in the Peak District this weekend. The picture shows an incredible view of the southern plateau of Kinder Scout in the Peak District, covered by a thick blanket of snow and lit by the setting sun. An exclusive behind-the-scenes video shows the view from behind the camera, the photographer’s face reflected in the screen as he concentrates on getting the perfect snap. The scene was captured by landscape photographer Demiray Oral (44), from the Peak District, UK. He caught the moment after a two-hour trek on Sunday 28 November in the midst of Storm Arwen.