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'Miracle' girl, 4, takes first steps after stroke left her in a coma for three weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A little girl has taken her first steps after making a miracle recovery from a stroke that left her in a coma for three weeks and needing to learn to walk and talk again. Caitlin Parle, four, was found unresponsive by her mum, Gemma Parle, 37, and was rushed to Wexford General Hospital, Ireland, where doctors worked tirelessly to try and stop her seizures. After discovering she had had a stroke, a scan showed she had a bleed on the brain, Caitlin was rushed to Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin, but remained in a coma. Doctors struggled to find out what had happened until a scan revealed part of her bowel had died due to an infection and Caitlin had to undergo surgery to have it removed and a stoma and a colostomy bag fitted.

World’s most expensive Advent calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** This Advent calendar will set you back over $10 million. Debbie created the calendar on commission from a Swiss client who was searching for the ultimate Christmas gift for his family. It merges individual gifts with the family’s travel plans for the upcoming year. “My client told me ‘we have a country to visit each month for a whole year and I need a way to represent these countries in a 'keep them guessing' kind of way,’” Debbie said.

Underwater Photography Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** Award winning underwater snaps have captured the magic of the marine life that swims beneath the waves. One picture, ‘Who Is Looking At Who?’ by Sander Van Der Heijden, shows a yellow and white fish with its mouth full of glistening eggs, staring directly at the camera. Another of the photos, ‘Speleothems’ by Martin Broen, shows an underwater cave of stalagmites and stalactites - long columns of rock formation - with a lone diver in the midst of it. The photos released today are the winners of the DivePhotoGuide (DPG)/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition, which describes itself as the ‘World Championship’ of international underwater imagery events.

Educational robot in Gaza

Palestinian Territories, Gaza City: Palestinian teacher Hassan Al-Razi teaches a science class to students with the help of a home-made talking educational robot at a private school in Gaza City. The robot helps the teacher to increase the students' focus in class and improving their behaviour by answering and asking questions through information fed to its memory. The robot was designed and manufactured inside the school in a little over two months time.

Turtle rehabilitation in the Maldives

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sea Life Trust Ambassador Andy Torbet, Sea turtle specialist Alejandra Carvallo and Sea Life Animal Care Curator Mark Hind push a crate containing April, an olive ridley sea turtle, to a jetty at the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa, Maldives, as she embarks on the journey to her new home in the UK. April, who has been relocated to her new home at Sea Life Loch Lomond, was found floating on the ocean surface in Raa Atoll in the Maldives, entangled in a discarded fishing net with her front right flipper missing and a plastic bag around her neck. She is unable to dive due to issues with buoyancy, making a return to the wild impossible.

A Star Wars figure in ultra-rare packaging released to mark the iconic film The Empire Strikes Back has sold for more than £9,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Expert Nick Dykes said the Princess Leia Organa toy was possibly among “four or five” still in existence, which features an original picture card from its first release.  When the figure went on sale at Vectis Auction house, Stockton-on-Tees, on Tues (Nov 30), it was snapped up by an unnamed collector based in Wales for £9,375.  The auction house said the original owner – also not named – had been given the toy when she was a child.

Oceanbird cargo ship brings sail-power into the future

Swedish ship design firm Wallenius Marine aims to revolutionise shipping and put an end to the era of fossil-driven cargo ships with its new sail-powered Oceanbird concept vessel. Oceanbird wing riggs have more in common with airplane wings than traditional sails, while a specially designed hull means an early design based on a car carrier transporting 7,000 vehicles could cross the Atlantic in 12 days. The wing rigs are adapted to a 200 metres long and 40 metres wide cargo vessel. You will be able to reduce the height of the wings, which comes in handy when passing under bridges or if the surface area needs to be reduced due to strong winds. To be able to get in and out of harbours - and as a safety measure and to be able to keep schedule - the vessel will also be equipped with an auxiliary engine, powered by the best alternative available today. However, the ship can reduce the amount of emissions on a journey by around 90 per cent when compared to a traditional cargo ship.

Festive villager hails Rudolph the Reindeer as 'ultimate delivery driver' after crafting THREE METRE totem of him

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Phone box in Prickwillow Cambridgeshire has been turned into Rudolph the reindeer. A festive villager has hailed Rudolph the Reindeer as the 'ultimate delivery driver' after crafting a THREE METRE totem of him in honour of Britain's couriers. Cary Outis, 69, said the red-nosed reindeer deserves more credit than Santa, who only has to "slide down a chimney".  The artist has made Rudolph into the spirit animal of Britain's delivery drivers, who he praised for their unfaltering work through the Covid pandemic.

Houses 3D-printed from The Earth Show Future Of Sustainable Living

The world’s first eco-sustainable housing has been 3D printed in Italy entirely from local raw earth. The initiative from WASP – World’s Advanced Saving Project and - MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects is inspired by one of Italo Calvino's „invisible cities” - the city in continuous construction and dubbed TECLA (Technology and Clay). The homes have been built in Massa Lombarda, near Ravenna, Italy. Born from the vision of Massimo Moretti, WASP Founder and a research project by Mario Cucinella, Founder and Creative Director of Mario Cucinella Architects - TECLA responds to the increasingly serious climate emergency, to the need for sustainable homes - particularly in the context of urgent crises generated, for example, by large migrations or natural disasters. Houses are made entirely with reusable and recyclable materials, sourced from local soil, with multiple 3D printers operating simultaneously.

Seven Eyes amulets making in Iraq

Iraq, Al-Fariha: An Iraqi vendor stands at the door of his shop where he sells Sebaa Aiyouun (Seven Eyes) amulets in the district of Al-Fariha. The Seven Eyes is an amulet made out of clay and painted with a degree of blue colour. The Seven Eyes is rooted in ancient Babylonian culture and was inherited by modern Shiite Iraqis, who hang the amulet at their houses and workplaces, believing that it has the power to protect them from demonic spirits and the evil eye.

Colourised Warsaw

***EXCLUSIVE*** WARSAW, POLAND: A renowned colourizer has brought Warsaw in 1915 alive in COLOR in his new video. One scene from the video shows a busy marketplace after the city was occupied by German troops in August 1915. Another scene shows people standing around on the rubble of a destroyed street. The video titled ?Warsaw 1915 In Colour? was created by photographer and historical colorizer Mariusz Zaj?c. The 6-minute video captures the excitement and trepidation that greeted this early stage of the war. Poland did not exist as an independent state during World War I. However, its geographical position between the fighting powers meant that much fighting and terrific human and material losses occurred on the Polish lands between 1914 and 1918. When World War I started, Polish territory was split during the partitions between Austria-Hungary, the German Empire and the Russian Empire. Poland became the scene of many operations of the Eastern Front of World War I. The main Battle of Warsaw, Poland took place in August of 1915. Mariusz's video showcases the city after it was occupied by German troops after the battle.

A bizarre dinosaur with a spiked beak has rewritten the history of the ancient Mediterranean

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bizarre dinosaur with a spiked beak has rewritten the history of the ancient Mediterranean. Tethyshadros insularis was a plant eater that reached up to 13 feet long and weighed more than a ton. Bones belonging up to up to 11 individuals were unearthed at an archaeological site near Trieste. First author Dr Alfio Chiarenza, of the University of Vigo, Spain, said: "These beautiful skeletons represent the biggest and most complete dinosaur ever found in this country." Tethyshadros insularis lived 80 million years ago. At the time north-eastern Italy was a land facing a vast ocean but connected to western Europe and Asia.

Plastic pollution 'creating new communities of life on the high seas'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Plastic pollution is creating new communities of life on the high seas, reveals a new study.  Coastal organisms are thriving on floating debris in the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch."  It is an enormous swirl of trash twice the size of Texas that has been trapped by rotating currents. Lead author Dr Linsey Haram, of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre, Maryland, said: "The issues of plastic go beyond just ingestion and entanglement.

Battling foxes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two foxes playfight on a straw bale. After jumping up, the cubs, who were two out of three siblings, fought for almost ten minutes one early morning just outside Tarbolton village in Ayrshire, Scotland. George Findlay, a 61 year old local photographer, almost missed the scenes as the foxes had looked 'quite happy' when he was leaving the area. He said: "After photographing one of the cubs, I had just got back to the car but when I looked over the hedge, I saw the two foxes in the field with the straw bales in it.

Person abseils giant glacier

***EXCLUSIVE*** Climbers abseil from a giant glacier in freezing temperatures. The photos were taken by amateur photographer Lior Yaakobi on Langjokull glacier, Iceland’s second largest glacier at 361 square miles long. Lior Yaakobi, who works for a software company and is from Boulder, Colorado said “The temperature in the ice caves was about minus 10 degrees which was absolutely freezing. I couldn't find the cave by myself - I went with a guide in a special vehicle that took us there.” The 47 year old said “It’s fascinating to watch these people rappel from the mesmerising formations of the glacier, it looks so beautiful.”

Supervolcanoes caused the first major mass extinction 450 million years ago, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Massive eruptions released nutrients into the ocean - reducing carbon dioxide and triggering an Ice Age.  Around 85 per cent of all marine-based species were wiped out. At the time the continents formed a single land mass, Pangaea.  The 'Late Ordovician' event reshaped the course of life on Earth, say scientists.  It coincided with two exceptionally large pulses of volcanic activity in present-day North America and South China.  Blankets of ash and lava laid down on the seafloor fertilised the oceans - driving a chain of events.  It included climatic cooling, glaciation, widespread reduction in ocean oxygen levels - and mass extinction.

Surprised passengers at a German airport noticed the departure board listed Condom Stansted as a destination

***EXCLUSIVE*** Surprised passengers at a German airport had a laugh to read on the departure board that they were travelling to 'Condom' Stansted instead of London on Sunday. Sylwia Goldyszewicz, 33, spotted the name-change lit-up on the display as she looked for her flight home from Coeln-Bonn airport on Sunday evening: November 28. The Sainsbury's manager was catching the 21:05 flight home with boyfriend Gian Maria, 29, after enjoying gingerbread and mulled wine at her first German Christmas market, having flown out on Saturday morning, November 27. The pair got the giggles as she read 'Condom Stansted' on the terminal-2D departure board and asked "Gian are you seeing what I'm seeing?" then all the passengers around them began to laugh too.

Kingfisher lunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** PERTH, UNITED KINGDOM: A heartwarming picture of a kingfisher struggling to eat its' fish supper has been captured in Scotland. The image shows a kingfisher with a wriggling fish halfway in his beak. The image was taken in Perth, Scotland by local project managing consultant Peter Wilkinson (57). Peter used a Sony A7 III to click these images from 30 metres away.