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Christmas mad mum has transformed her home into a real-life gingerbread house

***EXCLUSIVE*** A U.S. home has transformed into a real-life gingerbread house by a Christmas-mad mum. Virginia Hoffman, of Salt Lake City, has spent ‘hundreds of hours’ festooning her property into a vision from a fairytale. Homemade decorations include candy canes, giant gumdrops, peppermint swirls, huge chocolate and wafer cookies, and an oversized gingerbread man. Hoffman, a 67-year-old interior designer, says her daughter, son-in-law, and their children all were involved, as well as her husband, who is a professional artist.

Abusive weight loss

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK CITY, USA: This obese woman got her own back on her ex-husband who called her a PIG - by quitting her $1,000 per-month snack habit and losing HALF her body weight. Translator Sandy Jones fromNew York City, USA started gaining weight to cope with the emotional toll of eight years of remaining unhappily married to an ex-serviceman. Sandy started overeating as a coping mechanism, binging and purging on snack food to get her through the day. At her peak, she weighed almost 300 pounds and ate 4,000 calories a day; she would spend $50 (£37) a day on snacks alone. Sandy would ensure to eat a socially acceptable amount in the company of others, after which she would go home and binge on snacks at night. She and her husband became estranged after several deployments with the US Army, and he served her with divorce papers in 2007. After which, he went on to marry someone younger and slimmer. After her divorce, Sandy became a hermit in her house and barely left it for five years, she had no social life or the confidence to pursue one. In 2019, while attending a translators? conference, she was interviewed by a big NYC tech company; a picture taken during the interview was used as promotional material for their campaign. When Sandy saw that picture that was circulating everywhere, she realized that she no longer recognised herself and had to make a change. She scheduled a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in August 2020 and had 80% of my stomach removed. She has lost 125 lbs in the process; to maintain that loss she started running and has now competed in two national 5K races.

RSPCA Young Photographer Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: The winners of the 2021 RSPCA Young Photographer Awards have been announced. The winning image entitled ?Hidden Below? shows a wasp spider in its web. Another image shows the face of a floating stingray. The overall winner, Ben Hancock-Smith (17) from Guildford, Surrey was selected from more than 6,500 entries this year. Every year, the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards invites youngsters aged 18 years and under to capture the animal kingdom on a camera or a mobile device. Ben had entered his powerful photo into the ?Small World? category. As well as being named this year?s Awards? ?Overall Winner? his wasp spider photo won first prize in the ?Small World? category. This category was launched in 2020 specifically to recognise how measures to control the pandemic meant young people had to stay close to home to take their photos. It is the second year Ben has won an award in the RSPCA?s annual photo competition for young people. In the 2020 awards, he was runner up in the 16-18 category for ?The Chase? - an image of a swan chasing another swan.

A unique collection of antique literature will be shared with the public for the first time in almost a century after £15million was raised to buy it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A unique collection of antique literature will be shared with the public for the first time in almost a century after £15million was raised to buy it. The Honresfield Library was set up by mill-owner William Law in the 19th Century when he lived at Honresfield, a few miles from Haworth, Scottish Borders. The collection has been largely inaccessible for the last 80 years, its contents examined only by a few trusted scholars. A group set up to buy the contents of the Blavatnik Honresfield Library - which includes priceless manuscripts, letters and first editions - has succeeded in its bid to stop the collection from being sold at auction.

Young woman puts her health and happiness down to starting every day with a swim in -20°C lake - just in her swimsuit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elina Ma¨kinen, 27, has over 1.1 million followers on TikTok intrigued by her mental grit and huge smile as she leaps into freezing water. The student swims for between two and four minutes in the icy pools each day, with the backdrop of snow-covered Helsinki, Finland.She said: “Water is usually coldest at 0.2°C, because the water can be minus degrees only if it is salted or flowing.

Bionic hand for burn survivor

Torino, Italia: Valentina Pitzalis, Italian victim of attempted femicide in 2011, receives the Nexus bionic prosthesis, in Turin, Italy, 16 December 2021. She lost her left hand 10 years ago. The woman survived a fire that was started by her ex-husband, Manuel Piredda, 27 at the time of his death. The victim managed to escape the flames, but was severely injured and scarred for life with burn marks all over her body. She lost both hands, her nose and lips. Several surgeries were needed to save her life.

Carmaker Nissan has commissioned a one-off electric conversion of the iconic Bluebird

***EXCLUSIVE*** Called ‘Newbird’, the project car celebrates 35 years of the Sunderland plant, and combines the first vehicle off the line with the newest. It is powered by the 100 per cent electric drivetrain of a Nissan LEAF, the mass-market EV that helped launch the global trend towards electric vehicles. Updates and modifications were made to the power steering, braking and heating systems to enable them to be electrically powered, and custom suspension was also installed to support the additional weight from the battery packs.

Haunted jail

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHESTER, SOUTH CAROLINA: This jail is haunted by a sinister ghost of an inmate called “Billy” that visitors leave offerings to. If you dare to peek inside the haunted jail, you’ll see how one photo shows a cell with prisoner initials carved into the wall. Another image shows cell bars with police caution tape on them. These creepy shots were taken by urbex photographer Leland Kent (also known by his handle Abandoned Southeast) in Chester, South Carolina.

Vets stunned when they examined a dog’s eye and discovered natural markings in the shape of a smiley emoji

***EXCLUSIVE*** The scan showing the ‘smiley face’ emoji on Dachshund Margo’s retina and a picture of a smiley face emoji. A dachshund called Margo has amazed vets at an animal eye clinic after they discovered a ‘smiley face’ emoji on her retina. The five-year-old family pet had been referred to Veterinary Vision in Penrith, Cumbria for expert treatment of a corneal ulcer and fungal infection.  Veterinary Vision’s clinical director Chris Dixon took charge of the case and was stunned to see the emoji-style image as he examined Margo’s eye.

Amazing pictures show the moment a hungry kingfisher is caught flipping a fish into its beak

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wildlife photographer Andrew Fusek-Peters snapped these incredible shots in a nature reserve in Shropshire.  The striking bird was caught as it was juggling a freshly caught minnow in its beak – a hard shot to capture.  In one image, the Kingfisher can be seen diving towards the water after spotting a potential meal.  In another snap, the bird is perched proudly as it maneuvers its fresh snack into the right position.  Andrew patiently waited for three hours for the perfect picture, firing hundreds of shots to capture the bird and the fish in the right position.

Rows of pots, making fish source

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers add ingredients to hundreds of neat rows of pots filled with soy sauce. The sauce is made in the large clay pots with rice and soybeans, and is left to ferment for up to six months before being bottled and sent to be sold at markets. The photos were taken in My Hao Town, in the Hung Yen province of northern Vietnam, by amateur photographer Pham Dung.

Gannets make a splash as they fight over fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gannets make a splash as they fight over fish. Thousands of gannets descended on the water as they grappled over mackerel in fights that lasted around 20 seconds. Once all the fish had been eaten, the birds flew away. Amateur photographer and senior technician for engineering company Subsea7 Peter Lewis captured the photo from a boat off Troup Head Nature Reserve in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.