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Woman with world's largest collection of snow globes says she's run out of space for any more - after spending $165,000 on the glass ornaments

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman with the world's biggest collection of snow globes - a staggering 4,238 strong hoard which cost $165,000. Wendy Suen, 50, is now in her 20th year of collecting the snowy ornaments, and set the first Guinness World Record in 2005 when she had only 904. She estimates she’s spent the best part of $165,000 (£124,130) on globes, and her most valuable is one designed by Luis Vuitton worth over $10,000 (£7,500).  But she's had to slow down her buying - because she's run out of space.

Couple work 14-hour days and use 400,000 lego bricks to build breathtaking replica of London Bridge in their living room

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Lego-mad couple have spent four weeks working 14 hours a day to create this stunning 21-foot-long replica of Old London Bridge in their own sitting room. Every year Mike Addis, 63, and Catherine Weightman, 58, build a massive Lego creation in time for Christmas. And their 27th project has just been completed using 400,000 Lego bricks. They have recreated Old London Bridge of 1400, one of several bridges which spanned the Thames at Southwark, including 78 houses, 500 mini-figures, a castle and chapel.

A young girl with a life-threatening heart condition received the "best present ever" when a successful transplant allowed her to return home in time for Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young girl with a life-threatening heart condition received the "best present ever" when a successful transplant allowed her to return home in time for Christmas. Tanesha Ives, 12, was born with complete atrioventricular septal defect, a condition that created holes between the right and left sides of her heart. The brave youngster needed life-saving heart surgery when she was just five weeks old. She has been in an out of hospital all her life and even had a permanent pacemaker fitted when she was 18 months.

Archaeologists uncover massive mammoth graveyard containing the remains of five animals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of archaeologists have unearthed a 200,000-year-old mammoth graveyard described as "one of Britain's biggest Ice Age discoveries in recent years". Experts discovered the remains of five of the animals - two adults, two juveniles and an infant - at a quarry near Swindon. Digging at the site began after two keen fossil hunters, Sally and Neville Hollingworth, spotted a Neanderthal hand axe at the site. Experts from DigVentures then went on to find remains belonging to a species of Steppe mammoth, an ancestor of the Woolly mammoth.

Serial killers colouring 2022 calendar sold on Amazon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sick calendar featuring the face of a different murderer for each month of the year is being sold on Amazon, offering buyers '12 months of serial killer colouring'. The illustrations feature a string of infamous British serial killers such as Fred West, 'Dr Death' Harold Shipman, Dennis Nilsen and 'Yorkshire ripper' Peter Sutcliffe. January and February feature the faces of the 'Moors Murderers' Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Doctors remove a record breaking 156 kidney stones from patient in India

***EXCLUSIVE*** In what could be termed as a miraculous effort from doctors at Preeti Urology and Kidney Hospital - a Hyderabad-based renal care facility in India saw doctors during a three-hour-long surgery removing a record 156 kidney stones from a 50-year-old patient namely Basavaraj Madiwalar using laparoscopy and endoscopy. It was a sudden occurrence of pain which forced a patient to visit a hospital where he got a shock of his life after undergoing multiple tests. Moreover, the medical facility maintained that this is the record number of kidney stones removed ever from a single patient across India other than conducting a major surgery. The doctors revealed that they had to assess the condition of a patient to extract the renal stones. The doctors made a keyhole opening to remove kidney stones.

Teenagers have built a shelter for a five-year-old boy who uses a wheelchair after noticing he got wet while waiting for the school bus in winter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five-year-old Ryder Killam has had to battle rain, wind and snow for about 15 minutes every day for three years, using only a patio umbrella as protection.   But after hearing about his problem, local students in Bradford, Rhode Island, USA, got to work and built him his own bus shelter for the bottom of his driveway during their construction lessons.

A creative woman has decorated her windows with a stunning winter snow scene - painted completely freehand

***EXCLUSIVE*** A creative woman tried her hand at DIY – and decorated her windows with a stunning winter snow scene painted completely freehand. Sarah Ratcliffe, 42, tried her hand at some DIY Christmas decorating in her living room – and the result is stunning. The mum-of-two painted the entire design freehand after buying a bag of white acrylic paint costing less than a tenner. Her designs feature drozens of snow-covered trees, a cosy snow-topped cottage and even a highland cow. Sarah, from Anston, Sheffield, said she spent a couple of hours on it each day for three days in late November in a bid to create a pretty background for further Christmas decorations to put on the windowsill.

Company launch first ever all-glass hot tub

***EXCLUSIVE*** A company have launched what they claim is the first ever all-glass hot tub. Bavarian company ASB Architectural say the “entirely new hot tub experience” has a floor that lights up and can even display family pictures. The ASB Nautilus takes less than an hour to set up and is proposed as an eye-catching centrepiece for villas, hotels and nightclubs. “Hot tubs are expensive”, says Christof Babinsy, Managing Director at ASB. “And still there are hardly any models that meet upmarket design requirements. Either they feature too much plastic or the hot tub needs to be set into the floor. This is where we saw a gap in the market.”

People paint themselves in fluorescent colours for a festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** The traditional Balinese festival is called Ngerebeg and it sees hundreds of people paint themselves in bright colours to resemble supernatural beings and demons in order to scare away bad luck. The festival, this week, is held every seven months and the painted young men pray before taking part in a parade through the village.   Part-time photographer Gede Sudika Pratama took the photo in in the village of Tegalalang in the Gianyar Regency of Bali.

Fox dives head first into snow as it tries to catchlunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fox dives head first into deep snow as it tries to catch lunch. The Ezo red fox had been patiently waiting and listening for mice and pounced without hesitation into the snow once one stumbled across his path. But the rodent eluded the fox, which eventually left to try his luck in another area on the island of Hokkaido, which is Japan's most northernmost main island.

Kingfisher with its catch of the day, a frog

***EXCLUSIVE*** FROGS LEGS FOR DINNER. A proud Kingfishers is spotted having caught a frog which is nearly as big as itself. Student Rajkumar Lahiri, 24 who pictured the moment in in West Bengal, India, said "The kingfisher had been holding the frog for 10-15 minutes trying to eat it whole. It was trying to eat it in one gulp but could not do it because of the huge size of the frog” “I have never seen a kingfisher catch a frog as big as this. I found the moment comical as the kingfisher kept struggling to eat it's large catch. I was lucky enough to witnessed a moment like this.”

Birds build a snowman

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two birds appear to work together to build a tiny snowman. After the first snowfall of the year in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Great Tits flew down to freelance photographer Gabriel Khiterer's balcony near a small forest where a birdfeeder was filled with sunflower seeds. As the birds were so hungry, they were not startled by their festive friend who wore buttons made from seeds, a nose made from a minute chunk of carrot, a little cloth scarf and toothpick arms.

Plastic recycling factory in Bangladesh

Barishal, Bangladesh: Female Workers sort through a pile of tens of thousands of plastic household toys for them to be recycled in a Recycling Plastic Factory in barishal city, Bangladesh...The thousands of bottles, household toys, plastic materials collected from households, restaurants, hotels and markets, all come from the city of Barishal in Bangladesh. ''There are about 20 to 25 thousand bottles in the pile, which usually consists of around 7-10 days worth of collecting plastic bottles from the area. Street workers bring them to the recycling factory in vans or trucks depending on the quantity collected. The people are sorting and recycling the used plastic bottles thrown away after use according to colour, size and thickness.''..''After that, they are sent out to different factories for further processing. The bottles will be melted and made into new ones. So there will be less harm to the environment. With plastic never decaying, plastic recycling in Bangladesh is a big industry nowadays.

Most powerful rocket ever built takes shape

***EXCLUSIVE*** NASA have reported they have completed assembly of the upper, or forward, part of the core stage for the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket that will send the Artemis II crew on their lunar mission. They announced Wednesday (15 Dec) that Boeing, the lead core stage contractor, completed joining the forward part of the rocket, and then lifted it out of the assembly structure at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. NASA said: “With Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon and establish long-term exploration in preparation for human missions to Mars.” Artemis II is the second scheduled mission of NASA's Artemis program, and the first scheduled crewed mission of NASA's Orion spacecraft, currently planned to be launched by the SLS in May 2024.

Birds play and feed on the back of a Rhino

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of birds find a safe place to play, as they find protection with a rhino, which also offers up snacks. The Jungle Myna birds, members of the starling family, were playing with each other, but also stopping to feed on bugs that were on the back of the Indian rhino or greater one-horned rhinoceros. Jayanta Guha, 28, of Kolkata, India, was visiting the Kaziranga National Park in Kanchanjuri. He said, "There were a few Jungle Mynas playing on the back of this giant which I thought was such a special moment." "The birds were bothering the rhino a little, but it didn't react too badly to them. They were playing and eating the insects that were on it. One-horned rhino are an endangered species. I like the close-up portrait I got combined with the beautiful background."