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Misgendered trans dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, USA: This dad has shared how pregnancy nurses INSISTED on calling him 'mom' - because he is transgender.  Bennett Kaspar-Williams, from Los Angeles, USA, first realised he was trans around ten years ago, in 2011, but didn’t begin his transition until three years later. Then six years later, in 2017 he found Malik, his future husband - who he married in 2019. The couple decided that they wanted to have children, and weighed the options available to them, with Bennett eventually deciding that he would be comfortable trying to conceive and carrying a child.

Painful sex was cyst

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum says she blamed painful sex on just getting too carried away - before discovering she had a giant cyst when her stomach swelled so badly she looked SIX MONTHS PREGNANT. Katie Sims said she started experiencing a 'sharp stabbing pain' each time her and husband Ben Sims, 37, would have sex but just thought it was from deep penetration and something all women go through. The 32-year-old visited the doctor with stomach problems and was told she may have IBS but during a gallbladder scan last June she was 'by chance' diagnosed with ovarian cystadenoma, a 10cm benign tumour of the ovary.

Diva girl furious at elf

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the adorable moment a furious 'diva' schoolgirl awoke to discover Elf on the Shelf had drawn glasses and freckles on her face - causing her to hilariously moan 'it's not funny, I've got school'. Iyla Crawford, seven, was enraged when mum Leanne King revealed her naughty elf had scribbled on her with eyeliner as she slept last Tuesday morning [DEC 14]. Footage shot by giggling 36-year-old Leanne shows her 'over-dramatic' kid sternly tell her 'nah, I'm not laughing' as she sits slouched with eyebrows, freckles and 'hi' written on her forehead.

Acne IG model

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENT, UK: Since embracing her painful-looking skin by going public with her acne, this Instagrammer was chosen to be one of the three faces of an international skincare brand. Isabella (23) from Kent, UK, who now has 13k followers on Instagram, was diagnosed with cystic acne when she was just 9 years old. Her condition started with a spot on her eyebrow, but she soon developed ‘bumps’ under the skin on her forehead, which were red and painful making her stand out in public. Isabella tried many different medications trying to cure her acne, finally finding something that caused it to temporarily disappear for four years. However, in early 2020, her acne came back and worse due to other health problems and her acne came back and worse. Isabella’s acne spread all over her face, shoulders, back and neck and are as painful as ever. After her acne spread again, she was stared at in the streets by strangers and offered unsolicited advice. Isabella felt so self-conscious she would wear makeup all the time, however, the bumps and lumps of her acne were still visible. It started affecting her self-confidence and self-worth. Soon enough Isabella decided she doesn’t want her skin to affect how she lives her life anymore. She started an Instagram account to share photos of herself and embrace her acne. Much to her surprise, the account took off more than she could have ever imagined and she is now the face of an international skincare brand embracing real skin.

Rude tattoo blunder

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retail worker was left mortified after showing off her new tattoo of two intertwining faces - only to discover it looks like someone bent over. Lucy Madden, from Liverpool, had spent three months choosing the single-line image, which was supposed to depict two faces sharing one mind. The 22-year-old had been chuffed with the finished inking on her right arm, which set her back £50, until a customer at work pointed out that it looked more like someone bent over.

Christmas heights

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK CITY, USA: Festive pictures of the legendary Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2021 display have been captured. One image from this Brooklyn neighbourhood of New York shows a house decorated with Christmas cheer, with lights and ornaments of Santa Claus and reindeers in the front yard. Another image shows a manger with wise men and angels. Other images show gigantic christmas trees, a light arch leading to a house's front door, and light up snowmen. These pictures were taken by photographer Gordon Donovan in Brooklyn, New York City. The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2021 display has become one of the best holiday attractions in New York City.

Wildebeest nose trouble

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: Astounding images of a crocodile?s savage attack right on the snout of a migrating wildebeest has been captured. One image shows a herd of wildebeests running down a hill, intending to cross a river. Another ?nose-for-trouble? image shows a five feet long Nile crocodile singling out and attacking a panicked wildebeest. These images were captured in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya by wildlife photographer and safari guide Paolo Torchio (60), from Turin, Italy. Paolo used a Nikon 500 mm f/4 to capture these images from a hundred metres away.