Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Inked-decent proposal

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRIGHTON, UK: Since this woman spent over £20K covering herself in tattoos she been inundated with MARRIAGE proposals from lovestruck men – and her understanding boyfriend is fine with it. Content creator & model Bethany Moore (26), from Brighton, UK, hadn’t considered getting a tattoo until shortly before her 19th birthday. Bethany’s family dog Turbo had recently died and she wanted to commemorate that permanently. She got her first tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon in remembrance of her dog on the side of her ribcage. From there Bethany has gone on to get countless tattoos covering almost every inch of her body. She also has 9 piercings including seven in her ears and others on her tongue and belly button. In total, Bethany has spent an incredible £20,000 and her tattoos took 300 painful hours to complete. Bethany’s new look has received more admiration and than criticism on social media. She has had people criticise her for ‘self-harming’ while numerous men have proposed marriage to her for the way she looks. Her boyfriend Josh (25) is able to laugh at the proposals his attractive girlfriend receives from online strangers and insists the attention has not put him off one-day popping the marriage question himself.

Stunning travel pics

***EXCLUSIVE*** From sunrise water to the full moon illuminating the Statue of Liberty from the cannibals in cemeteries to the northern lights - these are the most stunning travel pics of 2021 from press agency Media Drum World. One magical realism image captured in Duszniki-Zdrój, Poland shows a man on top of a hill with his car boot open pushing the moon into the vehicle with both hands. Another stunning image from 2021 shows a portrait of a village woman from Kibish, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. More images from 2021 show extraordinary shots of the northern lights dancing and spectacular weddings around the globe. The pictures were captured by photographers from across the world, for varying uses and purposes. The photographer of the cannibals residing in a cemetery in Varanasi, India, Jan Skwara (38) from Pruszkow, Poland encountered the cannibals by accident.

Stunning wildlife

***EXCLUSIVE*** Feast your eyes on the most stunning wildlife images of 2021 curated by Media Drum Images that will inspire you to treasure our planet. One of the shots, by photographer Simon Needham (52) from Leeds, UK, shows a 500-pound male lion standing proudly atop a hill of carcass bones as he surveys his South African kingdom, the golden light of the rising sun lighting him from behind.

Trapped gas hedgehog popped

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hedgehog who ballooned up like a football due to TRAPPED GAS is on the road to recovery after being 'popped'. The super-sized critter inflated to three times his size due to a rare condition called 'balloon syndrome' where gas, usually caused by bacterial infection secondary to trauma, gets trapped under the skin. Bubbles, named because of his condition, was found wandering in the middle of a busy road by a concerned member of the public at the end of November who realised something was amiss and was taken to a vets in Henlow, Bedfordshire.

Epic elephant fight crushes trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the incredible moment two six ton elephants clashed in a 10-minute blockbuster battle just metres away from a walking tour - flattening giant trees in their path. Chris Bates was on a tour in Kruger National Park, South Africa, when the pair of bulls clashed on the trail just 40 metres in front of them. Breathtaking footage shows the two mammoth animals trumpeting to each other before their titanic tusks crashed together head on.

Peregrines tug of war

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 'impatient' peregrine falcon launched a mid-air game of 'TUG OF WAR' with its own mum as the pair fought over pigeon prey. Chris Corbin, 51, was watching birds near his home in Southampton, Hants, when he spotted the two birds of prey soaring 100 feet above him. Incredible images show the juvenile falcon flew up behind its mother and sunk its talons into a loose wing of the food she had just caught before sinking its beak in for extra grip.