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A real-life 'Rambo' soldier with PTSD built a castle on a mountain where he used to sleep rough - and now helps other veterans battle their demons there

***EXCLUSIVE*** A real-life 'Rambo' soldier with PTSD built a castle on a mountain here he used to sleep rough - and now helps other veterans battle their demons there. Mikey Allen, 41, says his therapy fort is now busier than ever as military personnel struggle with mental issues because of lockdown. The ex-lance corporal was diagnosed with PTSD after watching friends killed by bombs in Afghanistan. His marriage fell apart and he began sleeping rough and in a remote cabin on Mynyddislwyn mountain in Caerphilly County, Wales. Mikey's cabin was later knocked down by officials because he didn't have planning permission - but a local farmer then offered him a space. During the next three years he used only natural local resources to build his own home fort which is the base of his organisation, Endex. It offers a variety of skills-based courses to help veterans rebuild their lives. The site includes mental health coaching, employment, adventure training, animal care opportunities and family oriented activities. So far, the team have received over 2,500 visits to their fort from veterans and military widows. It has also helped people with mental health problems, special needs children, stroke survivors and NHS staff.

World's most talented duck plays the piano while quaking away in an extraordinary bid to get a Guinness World Record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A house-trained duck has become the world's first official "trick duck" - after watching her dog-trainer owner teach tricks to pet pooches.Echo the duck is just four months old - but has already learned an impressive 17 tricks meant for dogs to perform.The talented Khaki Campbell duck can jump through a hoop, walk up a ramp on queue, push a ball with her bill, weave in and out of her owner's legs, and even play a tiny toy piano with her bill.

A family inherited one of Britain's smallest funicular railways when they bought their house

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family inherited one of Britain's smallest funicular railways when they bought their house - and used it to help move a piano. Ali Atkinson, 41, and her husband Owen, 42, who works as a teacher, bought their three-bed home in 2010 for £225,000. A former owner had installed a miniature funicular railway in the front garden due to the steep hill, overlooking the coast on Lyle Street, Greenock, Inverclyde. Mum-of-three Ali, a pharmacist who is training to be a doctor, accidentally broke the motor in 2011, a year after they moved in.

Car loving dad's collection of classic motors and miniature replicas he bought for his children could fetch tens of thousands at auction after being found in dusty barn

***EXCLUSIVE*** A car-loving dad liked driving classic motors so much he spread the joy by buying miniature versions for his children. Now his collection of rare classic cars, big and small - discovered in a Midlands barn – could sell for tens of thousands of pounds when they go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers.  The vehicles, found near the South Derbyshire village of Repton, belonged to car enthusiast Peter McManus, a man who ensured his love of motoring did not exclude his children. If he could have a Jaguar, so could they.  Consequently, coming to auction on January 20 are two rare children’s cars – a 1960s Cheetah Cub D-Type Jaguar, £3,000-£5,000, and an Austin Pathfinder pedal car, converted to a petrol-engine, £4,000-£6,000.

A Celtic superfan has spent around £30,000 collecting players’ shirts over a decade - and had to build a special wardrobe to keep them in

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Lamb, 46, from Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, started his collection of player-worn shirts in 2011 and has now collected about 140 tops. Around half of the collection were actually worn by players while the other half were their spares for matches. He keeps his collection individually wrapped in special garment covers to keep them in pristine condition. They hang in a custom-made wardrobe in his bedroom which he built himself for around £60 for the cost of materials, in his home in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire. Collecting all ten of the Celtic testimonial tops - special tops worn for a celebratory match held for an outgoing player - is Paul’s proudest achievement. The oldest was worn by Bobby Lennox and dates from 1970 - which makes it the exact style worn by Celtic’s legendary European Cup-winning team from 1967.

Toddler miraculously made a full recovery after somehow impaling himself with a pair of scissors - in his face

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three-year-old Gajendra had been playing alone with a pair of scissors and somehow accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with the blade on January 3.  The incident took place in Naguar city, in northern India’s Rajasthan, and saw the toddler was rushed to hospital after his horrified family heard his shrieks.   Doctors feared the tot would be blind in one eye after learning the blade had plunged a huge SIX centimetres into his right eye.  But a doctor at the hospital jumped to his rescue with a miracle ten-minute operation to save the day - and the toddler's eye.  Doctor Devendra Sharma told how Gajendra had been in "tremendous pain" and had to first stop the blood flow before operating.

A ring which was mistaken as a piece of worthless costume jewellery turns out to be 200-year-old diamand gem

***EXCLUSIVE*** A ring found languishing in a box of costume jewellery has soared to success at auction after turning out to be a centuries-old antique gem from the Jane Austen era. Its owner thought the entire box of jewellery might be worth around £50 but the ring alone went on to sell for £1,000 at Hansons London - and commanded international interest.  What was thought to be a paste item of little value turned out to be a Georgian 18ct gold dress ring featuring a cushion-cut ruby within a glittering border of old-cut diamonds and yet more rubies. The Georgian period, made famous be author Jane Austen, lasted from 1714-1837 making the ring around 200 years old.

Meet the daredevil toddler who completed her first indoor skydive - aged just THREE

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'daredevil' three-year-old girl has proven herself more fearless than some adults after she completed an indoor sky diving experience for her birthday. Violet Connolley, who turns four today (5th Jan) took to the 'skies' in an indoor wind tunnel in Manchester yesterday (4th) in this incredible video. The video shows how Violet was spun way up into the machine, guided by an instructor, while being cheered on by her parents, cousins and grandfather. While she 'loved' the experience, Violet's mum Tor Connolley said she got "very dizzy" and after getting off walked straight past her family. Tor, 35, a veterinary cardiologist's assistant from near Runcorn, said that her whole family had the 'adrenaline junkie' gene.

Lucky the 47-year-old dolphin responding well to cancer treatment

Chicago, Illinois, United States: After the announcement of a cancer diagnosis in September, Lucky, a 47-year-old bottlenose dolphin, was flown to his old home to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago to receive testing and treatment. Upon his return to Brookfield Zoo, Lucky underwent a thorough health assessment that included diagnostic imaging ultrasound examinations and a CT scan at the zoo’s Animal Hospital to assess whether the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. „Having advanced medical diagnostic imaging equipment on the zoo’s premises presents a tremendous advantage and opportunity to evaluate and monitor the health of the animals in our care. In Lucky’s case, we were able to conduct a full-body CT scan to assess his condition that thankfully did not show any evidence of cancer in his lymph nodes or other parts of his body at this time,” said Dr. Jennifer Langan, senior staff veterinarian for the Chicago Zoological Society.

Pergamo, the oldest bookshop in Madrid, closes down

Madrid: The bookshop was opened in 1945, by the parents of Lourdes Serrano and her sister Ana, the current owners. These sisters are closing the bookshop due to retirement, after 50 years in charge of the business. The bookshop is the oldest in Madrid and has preserved its interior decoration and façade since its inauguration 76 years ago, in the middle of the post-war period.