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Bimbo mom provider

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAN ANTONIA, USA: This single mom has revealed how she has spent more than $100k on body-enhancement surgeries - to provide for her son. Model and content creator Dez Fraser (39) from San Antonia, USA, first started having body enhancement surgeries in her twenties after giving birth to her son (Ryder, 19). For more than fifteen years, Dez had worked as a makeup artist and part-time model, but after becoming a single mum, decided that she needed a job that earned better money.

23-year age gap wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** TURIN, ITALY: This woman has married her 23-year age gap lover last month despite abusive trolls branding her a gold-digger. Financial accountant, Alexandra Sinyavskaya (31), had already enjoyed two past age-gap relationships when she met publisher Antonio Scuzzarella (54) in 2014 when Alexandra was a student waitressing at a coffee shop in Turin, Italy. Antonio?s office was right around the corner and he came by often, he was funny and charming. Antonio started coming by the coffee shop often and gave Alexandra, from Moscow, Russia, compliments, until they became friends and eventually started dating. They only dated for two-months before amicably breaking things off as Alexandra felt she was not mature enough to be in a serious relationship at the time. Alexandra finished her studies in Italy and moved back to Moscow, and then to Israel to be with her mother and sister. However, she and Antonio never lost touch with each other, they remained friends throughout the years. They eventually found their way back to each other in 2020 and got married in December 2021. Alexandra and Antonio have witnessed a lot of negative feedback on social media, however, they do not let it affect their love and growth.

Replica of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 which featured in Goldfinger could sell for £3.5 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** An exact replica of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 which featured in Goldfinger could sell for £3.5 million - but it can't be driven in public. The limited edition car is one of just 25 'Continuation' models produced by Aston Martin in 2019.

Collector bought Star Wars toys for as little as 49p from a 'bargain bin' sells them for almost £50K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A canny collector who bought dozens of Star Wars toys for as little as 49p from a Tescos 'bargain bin' 40 years ago has sold them for almost £50,000. The anonymous shopper scooped up as many of the discounted plastic toy figures as possible from a trip to the supermarket in the 1980s. They have remained sealed in their cardboard cases since then and have shot up massively in value.

Sausage lips reaction horror

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beauty lover claims she was left with giant 'SAUSAGE LIPS' that swelled 20 TIMES their normal size after suffering a horror allergic reaction. Daniella Bolton went to get her lip filler dissolved last month [DEC 17] as they had been in a while and was told by the beautician that her swelling would soon subside but after she left they started getting bigger each minute. By the time she arrived home her lips had completely ballooned and the panicked 24-year-old dashed to the doctors where she was given steroid tablets that quickly reduced the swelling.

17th century recipe book filled with stomach-churning concoctions sells for £2,700

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 17th century recipe book filled with stomach-churning concoctions said to help cure diseases has sold for £2,700. The bizarre book contains dozens of repulsive recipes that include ingredients like snails, worms, fox lungs and rabbit livers. Sheep hearts and swallow birds 'feathers and all' also went into the pot to make the experimental medicines. The infused water that was created was said to help reduce a ffeavour (sic), fight off consumption (tuberculosis) and 'heal ye lungs'.

Mouse eats amazon delivery

***EXCLUSIVE*** A disgusted mum has blasted Amazon after claiming her delivery of Graze cereal bars arrived with one of the snacks already scoffed - with 'teeth marks and mouse droppings' on the packaging. Fiona Leary, from Chorley, Lancashire, ordered a box of Graze Protein Oat Boost bars online last Wednesday [Jan 5th] for her gym-loving family, but when she and husband Justin Leary opened the parcel she claims one of the snacks had already been eaten. The 42-year-old business owner then said she made the stomach-churning discovery of an open wrapper 'poking out' covered in 'tiny teeth marks and mouse droppings'.

Bulldog body slams puppy

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a no-nonsense bulldog taught a boisterous puppy a lesson and BODY-SLAMMED him into the floor 'like something out of WWE'. Lucy Tilley-Toon, from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, filmed the moment excitable 10-week-old bulldog puppy Bruce launched himself from the sofa onto unsuspecting Keith's head in a desperate bid to encourage him to play last week [Jan 2nd]. With lightning-quick reflexes the unimpressed pooch, seven, can be seen throwing his head backwards while letting out a yelp of surprise and inadvertently flipping Bruce 180 degrees - body-slamming into the floor.

The craft stays in the family

Saxony, Leipzig: The art blacksmith Andreas Althammer restores the Mägdesprung figurine group "Defeated Stag" with his two daughters, the master metalworker and current head of the forge, Elisabeth Althammer-Kluge (M) and the metal designer and journeywoman blacksmith Claudia Süßmeyer. Althammer, who founded his art smithy 45 years ago, is very pleased that his two daughters have taken over the craft business and that he himself, with his many years of experience, can be on hand as an advisor.

Welder creates sculpture to honour Robert Louis Stevenson's book Treasure Island

***EXCLUSIVE*** A welder has created a stunning steel sculpture to honour Robert Louis Stevenson's book Treasure Island. Gary Smith has carved out a living by turning unwanted cutlery into stunning works of art, but for his latest commission he used three different steel effects to create a dramatic homage to the iconic pirate story. Sailing Through Time was commissioned for the gardens of a new building in Westbourne, an area of Bournemouth, Dorset, that Stevenson lived in from 1884 to 1887.

Laughing cheetah

***EXCLUSIVE*** NABOISHA CONSERVANCY, KENYA: A gobsmacked photographer has captured the sidesplitting moment a young cheetah appeared to be laughing at him as he pointed his lens at the jovial beast. The comedy image shows the laughing profile of a cheetah cub and another as it smirks mischievously at the photographer - as if laughing at a secret joke. These images were captured by Veterinarian and Wildlife Photographer, Yaron Schmid (51) from New York, USA of YS Wildlife Photography. Scott used a Nikon D5 to capture these images from 20 feet away in Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya.